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Steam Clean; To Set A Steam Clean Cycle; Add 8 Ounces Of Distilled Water; Clean Around The Oven Door Gasket - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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Steam Clean
The steam clean feature offers a chemical-free and time-
saving method to assist in the routine cleaning of your oven.
Steam clean may be used before manually cleaning the
oven to help loosen soils on the oven bottom.
Do not add ammonia, oven cleaners, or any other
household cleaners or chemicals to the water used in the
steam clean cycle.
Before manually cleaning any part of the oven, be sure all
controls are turned off and the oven is cool. The oven
may be hot and can cause burns.
To set a steam clean cycle:
Oven should be at room temperature. If the oven tem-
perature is above the room temperature, steam clean
will not start. Be sure the oven is cool. Remove all racks
and oven accessories.
Scrape or wipe loose debris from the oven bottom.
Pour 8 oz (235 ml) distilled or filtered water onto the
oven bottom (See Figure 36). Close the oven door.
Figure 36:
Add 8 ounces of distilled water
Press steam clean. StCn will show in the display (See
Figure 37).
Figure 37: Steam clean selected
Press start.
Steam clean is a 20 minute cycle. Time remaining is
shown in the display.
An alert will sound at the end of the cycle, and the End
message will show in the display. Press off to return to
the clock.
When the steam clean cycle is complete, stand to the
side of the oven out of the way of escaping vapor when
opening the oven door. The cycle includes a cool-down
period, so you may immediately use a soft cloth or
sponge to remove any remaining water.
Wipe oven cavity and bottom. Do not clean oven door
gasket (See Figure 38).
Figure 38: Clean around the oven door gasket
For best results, clean oven immediately after the cycle is
complete. Steam clean works best for soils on the oven
bottom. Removal of especially stubborn or baked-on soils
may require a manual cleaning.
Some condensation or water vapor may appear close to the
oven vent. This is normal. The oven gasket may become
damp; do not wipe dry. Open door to broil position and allow
to air dry.
Local water sources often contain minerals (hard water)
and will leave deposits on the oven cavity. If this occurs,
wipe cavity with vinegar or lemon juice. Use distilled or
filtered water.
If the door is opened during the steam clean cycle, a beep
will sound and d-O will show in the display. Close the oven
door. Keep oven door closed during steam clean cycle.
Steam clean cannot be programmed with a delay start. If
steam clean results are not satisfactory, run a self clean.
See "Self-Cleaning Operation" on page 43.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents