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Setting The Sabbath Feature - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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the Sabbath
(For use on the Jewish
and Holidays)
The bake time and start keys are
used to set the Sabbath feature.
For further assistance, guidelines for
proper usage, and a complete list of
models with the Sabbath feature,
please visit the web at http:\\
The Sabbath feature may only be used with the bake
function. Once the oven is properly set using bake with the
Sabbath feature active, the oven will remain on until
cancelled. The Sabbath feature overrides the factory preset
12 hour energy saving feature.
If the oven light is needed during the Sabbath, press Oven
light before activating the Sabbath feature. Once the oven
light is turned on and the Sabbath feature is active, the
oven light will remain on until the Sabbath feature is turned
off. If the oven light needs to be off, be sure to turn the oven
light off before activating the Sabbath feature.
It is advised to not activate any cooking function other
than bake while the Sabbath feature is active.
To program the oven to begin baking immediately
activate the Sabbath feature (example: baking at
Be sure that the clock is set with the correct time of day.
Place the food in the oven. Press bake. 350 ° appears in
the display. Press start. The actual oven temperature
appears in the display.
If you desire to set the oven control for a bake time or
delayed bake time, do so at this time. If not, skip this
step and continue to Step 5. For delay start instructions,
see "Setting Delay Start" on page 32. For bake time
instructions, see "Setting Bake Time" on page 32.
Remember the oven will turn off after using bake time or
delay start and may only be used once during the
holidays. The maximum bake time is 5
hours and 59 minutes.
The oven will turn on and begin heating.
Press and hold both the bake time and delay start
keys for at least 3 seconds. SAb will appear in the
display. Once SAb appears in the display, the oven
control will no longer beep or display any further
changes, and the oven is properly set for the Sabbath
The oven may be turned off at any time by first pressing
off (this will turn the oven off only).
To turn off the Sabbath feature, press and hold both the
bake time and delay start keys for at least 3 seconds.
SAb will disappear from the display.
You may change the oven temperature once baking
has started by pressing bake and the numeric keys
for the new temperature. For example, to change
from 350°F to 425°F, press 4 2 5. Then, press start
Only the following controls will function after setting
the Sabbath feature: numeric keypad, bake, start, and
off. All other features will not function once the
Sabbath feature is properly activated.
The display will not show temperature changes or
sound any audible tones when the oven is set with the
Sabbath feature
Cooktop Sabbath Day Feature and (Sb) Message
The ESEC will display the Sb messages whenever the
Sabbath Day feature is active. When activated, the Sabbath
Day feature works for both the oven and cooktop together.
Once the Sabbath Day feature is active, changes to the
heat levels for the cooktop elements will not show in the
displays. The cooktop will react slower to heat level
Power failure while using Sabbath feature:
Should you experience a power failure or interruption, the
oven will shut off. When power is returned, SF (Sabbath
Failure) will be displayed, and the oven will not turn back on
automatically. If your food was nearly fully cooked, you may
allow the trapped heat in the oven to finish the cooking
process. Otherwise, you should remove the food when the
power failure occurs because you may only start the oven
once during the Sabbath/Jewish
After the Sabbath observance turn off the Sabbath feature.
Press and hold both the bake time and delay start keys for
at least 3 seconds. SAb will disappear from the display, and
the oven may be used with all normal functions.

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