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Esec Error Indicator Message (Er); Cooktop Sabbath Day Feature And (Sb) Message; Home Canning - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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ESEC error indicator message (Er)
An error message will be displayed (glowing "Er") at power
up (or after a power failure) if ANY of the surface control
knobs were left in the ON positions (See Figure 7). If a
power failure should occur, be sure to set all of the surface
control knobs to the OFF position. This will reset the surface
Once the surface controls have been set to the OFF posi-
tions, the surface controls should return to normal opera-
tion. If the surface controls do not function and the "Er"
message remains in any display after following these proce-
dures, contact your authorized servicer for assistance.
Cooktop Sabbath Day Feature and (Sb) Message
The ESEC will display the Sb messages whenever the
Sabbath Day feature is active. When activated, the Sabbath
Day feature works for both the oven and cooktop together.
Once the Sabbath Day feature is active, changes to the
heat levels for the cooktop elements will not show in the
displays. The cooktop will react slower to heat level
changes. To set the Sabbath Day feature, refer to "Setting
the Sabbath Feature (For use on the Jewish Sabbath and
Holidays)" on page 38.
Home Canning
Canning can generate large amounts of steam. Use
extreme caution to prevent burns. Always raise the lid to
vent steam away from you. Safe canning requires that
harmful micro-organisms
are destroyed and the jars are
sealed completely. When canning in a water bath canner,
a gentle but steady boil must be maintained continuously
for the required time.
Be sure to read and observe all the following points when
home canning with your appliance. Check with the USDA
(United States Department of Agriculture) Web site and be
sure to read all the information they have available as well
as follow their recommendations
for home canning proce-
Use only quality flat bottom canners when home
canning. Use a straight-edge to check canner bottom.
Use only a completely flat bottom canner with no ridges
that radiate from the bottom center when home
canning. Heat is spread more evenly when the bottom
surface is flat.
Make sure the diameter of the canner does not exceed
1 inch beyond the surface element markings or burner.
It is recommended to use smaller diameter canners on
electric coil and ceramic glass cooktops and to center
canners on the burner grates.
Start with hot tap water to bring water to boil more
Use the highest heat seating when first bringing the
water to a boil. Once boiling is achieved, reduce heat to
lowest possible setting to maintain that boil.
Use tested recipes and follow instructions carefully.
Check with your local Cooperative Agricultural
Extension Service or a manufacturer of glass jars for
the latest canning information.
It is best to can small amounts and light loads.
Do not leave water bath or pressure canners on high
heat for an extended amount of time.
Alternate surface units between each batch to allow the
units and surrounding surfaces to cool down. Try to
avoid canning on the same burner unit all day.

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