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Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual page 15


Table of Contents
Radiant e lements h avea limiter t hatallows theelement to
cycleonandoff,evenattheHIsetting. T hishelps to
prevent d amage t otheceramic s mooth top.Cycling atthe
HIsetting is normal a ndcanoccurifthecookware is too
small f ortheradiant e lement or if thecookware bottom is
Forefficient c ooking, turnofftheelement several m inutes
before cooking is complete. Thiswill allowresidual heat
tocomplete t hecooking process.
Start m ostcooking operations o na higher s etting and
thenturntoa lowersetting tofinishcooking.
A glowing redsurface heating areaextending b eyond the
bottom edgeofthecookware indicates t hecookware i s
toosmall f orthesurface heating area.
Thesurface control k nobsdonothaveto besetexactly
ona particular spot.Usethegraphics p rovided asa guide
andadjustthecontrol knobasneeded. E achsurface
element provides a constant amount o f heatateach
setting. R efertoTable1forsuggested p ower l evel

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents