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Setting Bake; Baking Tips; Rack Positions; Pan Spacing - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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Bake controls normal baking. If a rapid preheating is
preferred, refer to "Setting Preheat" on page 26. The oven
can be programmed to bake at any temperature from 170°F
to 550°R
To set the bake temperature to 375°F:
Arrange interior oven racks.
Press bake. 350 will appear in the display.
Press 3 7 5.
Press start. The actual temperature will be displayed. A
beep will sound once the oven temperature reaches
375°F, and the display will show 375 °.
When preheated, place food in oven.
Pressing Off at any time will stop the feature.
To change the bake temperature (example: changing
from 375°F to 425°F):
After the oven has already been set to bake at 375°F
and the oven temperature needs to be changed to
425°F, press bake and 375 will appear in the display.
Press 4 2 5.
Press start.
Baking Tips
For best bake results:
Fully preheat the oven before baking items like cookies,
cakes, biscuits, and breads.
When using any single rack, position the rack so that
the food is in the center of the oven.
For best results when baking cakes using two oven
racks, place racks in positions 2 and 4 (See Figure 21 ).
When baking using two oven racks, position cookware
as shown in Figure 22. Allow at least 2 inches (5 cm) of
space between cookware for proper air circulation.
Dark or dull bakeware absorbs more heat than shiny
bakeware. It may be necessary to reduce oven temper-
ature and cook time to prevent overbrowning of some
foods. Dark bakeware is recommended for pies. Shiny
bakeware is recommended for cakes, cookies, and
For batter and dough-based baked goods such as
cakes, pastries, and breads, use the convection
function for best results.
Figure 21: Rack positions
Figure 22: Pan spacing

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents