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Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual page 53


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Soilnotcompletely r emoved a fter
Selfclean wasinterrupted. Review instructions on"Self-Cleaning Operation" o n
page43.Excessive s pillsonovenbottom. C leanbefore starting selfclean.Failure to
cleansoilfromtheovenframe, t hedoorlineroutside theovendoorgasket, a ndthe
small a reaatthefrontcenteroftheovenbottom. T heseareasarenotintheself-
cleaning area,butgethotenough toburnonresidue. Cleantheseareasbefore
starting theself-cleaning cycle.Burned-on r esidue canbecleaned witha stiffnylon
brushandwateror a nylon scrubber. Becareful n otto damage theovengasket.
Ifyourovenis cooking poorly or theSelfCleanisperforming b adly, p erform the
following check: B oil,Press theUpbutton, a nd"HI"should appear o nthedisplay.
Placeyourhandnearthehandle ontheovendoor. B etween t hedoorandthecontrol
panel, y oushould feela rushof aironyourhand.Ifso,yourunitis functioning
properly, andyouhavehada power f ailureinyourhome. I f noairstream ispresent,
calla service technician t o replace yourcooling fan.
Convection fandoesnotrotate. Ovendoorisopen.Convection f anwillturnoffif ovendooris opened whenconvec-
tionis active. C lose ovendoor.
Surface element is toohotor not Incorrect surface control s etting. A djust p ower level s etting.
Surface element doesnotheat o r Besurethecorrect s urface control k nobis turned onforelement needed.
Scratches o rabrasions o n
cooktop surface.
Metal m arks onthecooktop.
Lightweight or warped pansused.Useonlyflat,evenly balanced, medium or heavy-
weight c ookware. Flatpansheatbetter thanwarped pans. C ookware m aterials a nd
weight o fthematerial affect h eating. H eavy andmedium-weight pansheatevenly.
Because lightweight pansheatunevenly, foodsmayburneasily.
Coarse particles suchassaltor hardened s oilsbetween cooktop andutensils can
causescratches. Besurecooktop surface andbottoms ofutensils arecleanbefore
usage. S mall s cratches d onotaffect c ooking andwillbecome lessvisible withtime.
Cleaning materials n otrecommended forceramic-glass cooktop havebeenused.
Applytherecommended CookTop® Cleaning Creme totheceramic s urface (onthe
for replacement cooktop cleaner, itemnumber 4 0079). B uff
witha non-abrasive clothor sponge. F ormoreinformation s ee"Cooktop M ainte-
nance" o n page 47.
Cookware w ithrough bottom wasused. U sesmooth, flat-bottomed cookware.
Sliding or scraping ofmetal u tensils oncooktop surface. Donotslidemetal u tensils
oncooktop surface. Applytherecommended CookTop® Cleaning Creme tothe
ceramic surface ( forreplacement cooktop cleaner,
itemnumber 4 0079). B uffwitha non-abrasive clothor sponge. F ormoreinformation,
see"Cooktop Maintenance" on page 47.
Brown streaks orspecks on
Boilovers a recooked ontosurface. U serazorbladescraper t o remove soil.Formore
cooktop surface,
information s ee"Cooktop Maintenance" onpage 47.
Appliance i s notlevel.
Besureflooris level,strong, a ndstableenough to adequately s upport r ange.
Ifflooris sagging or sloping, c ontact a carpenter to correct t hesituation.
Poorinstallation. Place ovenrackincenter o foven.Placea level o ntheovenrack.
Adjust l eveling legsat baseofappliance until t he rackis level.
Kitchen cabinet a lignment maymakerange appear n otlevel.Besurecabinets a re
square andhavesufficient r oom forappliance clearance.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents