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Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual page 52


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to Common
Before you call for service, review the following list. It may save you time and expense. Possible solutions are provided
with the problem listed:
Poor baking results.
Many factors effect baking results. Use proper oven rack position. Center food in the
oven and space pans to allow air to circulate. Preheat oven to the set temperature
before placing food in the oven. Try adjusting the recipe's recommended
or baking time. See "Adjusting Oven Temperature" on page 37 if you feel the oven is
too hot or cold.
If your oven is cooking poorly or the Self Clean is performing badly, perform the
following check: Broil, Press the Up button, and "HI" should appear on the display.
Place your hand near the handle on the oven door. Between the door and the control
panel, you should feel a rush of air on your hand. If so, your unit is functioning
properly, and you have had a power failure in your home. If no air stream is present,
call a service technician to replace your cooling fan.
Oven light does not work.
Be sure the oven light is secure in the socket. See "Replacing the oven light" on
page 50.
Flames inside oven or smoking
Excessive spills in oven. Grease or food spilled onto oven bottom or oven cavity.
from oven vent.
Wipe up excessive spills before starting oven. If flames or excessive smoke are
present when using broil, see "Setting Broil" on page 28.
Self clean does not work.
Oven control not set properly. See "Self-Cleaning Operation" on page 43.
Oven racks discolored or do not
Oven racks left in oven cavity during self clean. Remove oven racks from oven cavity
slide easily,
before starting a self-clean cycle. Clean by using a mild abrasive cleaner following
instructions. Rinse with clean water, dry, and replace in oven.
Oven smokes excessively when
Incorrect setting. Follow the "Setting Broil" instructions on page 28.
Oven control panel beeps and
displays any F or E code error.
Meat too close to the broil element. Reposition broil rack to provide proper clearance
between the meat and broil element. Remove excess fat from meat. Cut remaining
fatty edges to prevent curling, but do not cut into lean.
Grease build up on oven surfaces. Regular cleaning is necessary when broiling
frequently. Grease or food splatters will cause excessive smoking.
Oven control has detected a fault or error condition. Press the off key to clear the
error code. Try bake or broil function. If the F or E code error repeats, turn off the
power to appliance, wait 5 minutes, and then repower appliance. Set clock with
correct time of day. Try bake or broil function again. If fault recurs, press the off key to
Areas of discoloration with
metallic sheen on cooktop
Mineral deposits from water and food. Remove using the recommended CookTop®
Cleaning Creme to the ceramic surface (on the web visit
for replace-
ment cooktop cleaner, item number 40079). Buff with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents