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Setting Convection Convert; Setting Convection Broil; Convection Broiling Tips - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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Convection convert automatically
converts a standard
baking recipe for convection baking. When set properly, this
feature is designed to display the actual converted
(reduced) temperature in the display. Convection convert
may only be used with a convection bake cooking mode. It
can be used with a delay start and bake time. For delay
start instructions, see "Setting Delay Start" on page 32. For
bake time instructions, see "Setting Bake Time" on page 32.
If convection conversion is used with the bake time and
delay start features, CF (check food) will be displayed when
75% of the bake time complete. At this time the oven
control will sound three long beeps at regular intervals until
baking time is finished. The control will display End and
continue to beep at regular intervals until off is pressed.
To set the oven for convection bake with a standard
baking recipe temperature of 400°F:
Arrange interior oven racks.
Press convect. Convect and bake will flash and 350
will appear in the display.
Pres 4 0 0. Convect and bake will keep flashing and
400 ° will appear in the display.
Press start.
Set bake time or delay start if needed. For delay start
instructions, see "Setting Delay Start" on page 32. For
bake time instructions, see "Setting Bake Time" on
page 32.
Press convect convert, and the oven will start heating.
The temperature displayed will be 25°F lower than what
it used to be. The actual oven temperature and the fan
icon will be displayed. A beep will sound once the oven
temperature reaches 375°F, and the display will show
375 °, CONVECT, BAKE, and the fan icon.
Place food in the oven.
When using a bake time under 20 minutes, the convec-
tion convert will not beep and display the CF message.
Pressing off will stop the feature at any time.
Bake, broil, and convection elements will cycle for better
heat distribution and faster and more even cooking.
Use this mode for thicker cuts of meat, fish, and poultry. The
convection broiling gently browns the exterior and seals in
the juices. Convection broiling uses the broil element and a
fan to circulate the oven's heat evenly and continuously
within the oven. The oven can be programmed for convec-
tion and normal broiling at any temperature between 400°F
to 550°F with a default temperature of 550°F (See Table 4).
To set a convection broil temperature of 500°F:
Arrange oven racks first. Press convect; 350 will be
displayed, and convect and bake will flash.
Press convect two more times; 550 will be displayed
and convect and broil will flash.
Press 5 0 0.
Press start.
500, CONVECT, BROIL, and the fan icon will be
After 5 minutes of preheat, place food in the oven.
Convection broiling tips:
For optimum browning, preheat the broil element for 5
minutes. Always pull the rack out to the stop position
before turning or removing food.
Always use a broiler pan and its insert when broiling
(available by mail order). It keeps grease away from the
high heat of the broil element.
Do not use the broil pan without the insert. Do not cover
the broil pan insert with foil. The exposed grease could
catch fire. If using a searing grill (available by mail
order), preheat the grill for 5 to 10 minutes before
placing your meat. Broil one side until the food is
browned; turn and cook on the second side. Season
and serve.
Convection broiling is generally faster than conventional
broiling. Check for doneness at the minimum recom-
mended time.

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