Before Setting Oven Controls; Oven Vent Location; Type Of Oven Racks; Oven Rack Descriptions - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual

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Type of oven racks
Oven vent location
The oven is vented as shown below. When the oven is on,
warm air is released through the vent. This venting is
necessary for proper air circulation in the oven and good
baking results. Do not block oven vent. Never close off the
openings with aluminium foil or any other material. Steam or
moisture may appear near the oven vent. This is normal.
Figure 14: Do not block oven vent location
o ov n _m'it_ wh
i oven. When cooking, the oven interior and exterior, oven
racks, and cooktop will become very hot which can cause
Protective Liners i
Do not use aluminum foil to line the
oven bottom. Only use aluminum foil as recommended in
this manual. Improper installation of these liners may
result in risk of electric shock or fire.
and arranging
flat or offset
oven racks
To arrange - Always arrange the oven racks when the oven
is cool (prior to operating the oven).
To remove - Pull the oven rack straight forward until it
reaches the stop position. Lift up front of oven rack slightly
and slide out.
To replace - Place the oven rack on the rack guides on both
sides of oven walls. Tilt the front of oven rack upward
slightly and slide the oven rack back into place. Be sure
oven racks are level before using.
n a
oven rack
oven rack
oven rack
oven rack
Flat half oven rack - Closed position
Figure 15: Oven rack types
Oven Rack Descriptions
The Flat Oven Handle Rack has a handle to facilitate
the sliding of the rack when large amount of foods
weigh on it.
The Flat Oven Half Rack has a removable insert that
can provide extra space for larger food items. The right
half rack portion may still be used for other food items
like a casserole dish. To remove the insert, squeeze on
the left front insert side of the rack and tilt out clockwise.
To reinstall, insert rear hooks at back of insert and lay
insert down. Make sure both insert front hooks snap into
The Offset Oven Rack is used to maximize cooking
space. The offset rack can be used in the lower rack
position to roast large cuts of meat and poultry.
Air circulation
in the oven
For best air circulation when baking, allow a space of 2
inches (5 cm) around the cookware for proper air circula-
tion. Be sure pans and cookware do not touch each other,
the oven door, sides, or back of the oven cavity.
Hot air must be able to circulate around cookware for even
heat to reach the food.

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