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Oven Controls; Oven Controls Features - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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GalleryModel ( above)Professional Model(below)
Oven Controls Features
To get the best use of your oven, take some time to become
familiar with the various features and functions of you oven
model. Detailed instructions on using each oven feature
and function of the controls can be found in this section of
the owner's manual.
Steam Clean -- Use for steam clean function.
Delay Start -- Use to program a delayed time bake or
delayed self-cleaning cycle start time.
Set Clock -- Use along with the numeric keypad to set
the time of day.
Oven Light -- Use to turn the oven light on and off.
Self Clean -- Use to select self-clean function.
Bake Time -- Use to enter the length of baking time.
Timer on-off--
Use to set or cancel the timer. Timer
does not start or stop the cooking process.
Oven Lockout
-- Use to lock the oven door and the
control panel.
Use to select the bake cooking feature.
10. Broil -- Use to select broil cooking feature.
11. Convect -- Use to select between convection bake,
convection roast, and convection broil (some models).
12. Warm -- Use to keep food and dishes warm.
13. Probe -- Use to monitor internal temperature of food
for required doneness.
14. Quick Preheat (Gallery Mode)/Powerplus
(Professional Model) -- Use to raise oven to preheat
15. Convect Convert -- Use to convert regular recipe
temperature to convection recipe temperature.
16. Slow Cook (some models) -- Use for cooking foods
requiring long cooking times with lower temperatures.
17. My Favorites (some models) -- Use to program and
save favorite recipes settings.
18. Start -- Use for starting all cooking features.
19. Numeric Keypad -- Use to enter temps and times.
20. Off -- Use to turn off any oven function entered except
time of day and minute timer.
21. Warmer Drawer--
Keeps cooked food at warm temps.
22. Warm Zone--
Keeps hot cooked food at serving temps.

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