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Setting Convection Roast; Convection Roasting Tips - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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This mode is best for cooking tender cuts of beef, lamb,
pork, and poultry. Use this mode when cooking speed is
desired. Convection roasting gently browns the exterior and
seals in the juices. Convection roasting uses the bake
element, convection element, broil element, and fan to
circulate the heat evenly and continuously within the oven.
The oven can be programmed for convection roasting at
any temperature between 170°F to 550°F with a default
temperature of 350°F.
To set a convection roast temperature of 375°F:
Should an oven fire occur, close oven door and turn off
Some models have a dual convection fan, which could
reduce overall cooking times.
the oven. If the fire continues, throw baking soda on the
fire or use a fire extinguisher. Do not put water or flour on
the fire. Flour may be explosive, and water can cause a
grease fire to spread and cause personal injury.
Arrange oven racks and place food in the oven.
Press convect; 350 will be displayed; Convect and
bake will flash.
Press convect again. 350 will be displayed, and
convect and roast will flash.
Enter the desired roasting temperature using the
number keys, i.e.: 3 7 5.
Press start; The actual oven temperature will be
displayed. Convect, roast, and the fan icon will be
displayed. The bake, broil, and convection elements will
also cycle for a better heat distribution.
Convection roasting tips:
Use a broiler pan and insert, as well as a roasting rack
(available by mail order). The broiler pan will catch
grease drippings, and the grid will help prevent spatters.
The roasting rack will hold the meat.
It's not recommended to roast chicken on a roasting
rack. Use a deep pan instead.
Place an oven rack on rack position 1 (offset rack).
No preheat is needed in convection roast.
Make sure the roasting rack is securely seated on the
grid in the broiler pan. Do not use the broiler pan without
the insert or cover the insert with aluminum foil.
Pull the rack out to the stop position before removing
food. Position food (fat side up) on the roasting rack.

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