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Cooking With Meat Probe; Proper Placement Of Probe In Food; Using The Probe - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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with Meat Probe
Do not use kitchen utensils to pull on the probe cable or
handles. Always insert and remove the probe using the
provided handles, as shown in Figure 27, and always use
a pot holder to protect hands from possible burns.
Use the probe feature for best results when cooking foods
such as roasts, hams or poultry.
For meats like poultry and roasts, using a probe to check
internal temperature is the safest method to ensure properly
cooked food.
The probe feature, when set correctly, will signal an alert
when the internal food temperature reaches the desired set
target temperature.
When active, the probe displays the internal food tempera-
ture which is visible in the display during the cooking
process. This eliminates any guesswork or the need to
open the oven door to check the thermometer.
Do not store the probe inside the oven. Use only the
original probe provided. Connecting any other probe
or device could result in damage to the oven control,
electronics, and the receptacle.
Before starting self clean, double check that the probe
is removed from the oven interior. Defrost frozen
Proper placement of probe in food.
Insert the probe so that the probe tip rests inside the
center of the thickest part of meat or food (See
Figure 28). For best results, do not allow the probe
temperature sensor to contact bone, fat, gristle, or the
probe tip
to center of
receptacle connector handle
Figure 28: Probe in thickest area of food
For bone-in ham or lamb, insert the probe into the
center of lowest large muscle or joint.
For meat loaf or casseroles, insert the probe into center
of food.
When cooking fish, insert meat probe just above the gill.
For whole poultry or turkey, fully insert the probe sensor
into the thickest part of inner thigh, just below the leg
(See Figure 29).
Figure 27: Using the probe
On some models, the meat probe receptacle may be
located in the top of the oven cavity, toward the front.
Figure 29: Probe in thickest part of thigh

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