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Replacing The Oven Light; Replacing The Oven Light Bulb; Wall Oven Halogen Light - Frigidaire FGES3065PFB Use & Care Manual


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the oven light
Be sure the oven is unplugged and all parts are cool
before replacing oven light.
The interior oven lights are located at the rear of the oven
cavity and are covered with a glass shield. The glass shield
must be in place whenever the oven is in use (See
Figure 47).
Replacing the oven interior
light bulb:
Turn electrical power off at the main source or unplug
the appliance.
Remove interior oven light shield by pulling the light
straight out. Do not twist or turn.
Replace bulb with a new T-4 type Halogen 25 watt
appliance bulb.
Do not allow your fingers to touch the new bulb when
replacing. This will shorten the life of the bulb. Use a
paper towel or cotton glove while handling the new bulb
when installing.
Replace glass oven light shield.
Turn power back on again at the main source (or plug
the appliance back in).
Be sure to reset the time of day on the clock.
Figure 47: Wall oven Halogen light

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