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JRC JSS-2250 Instruction Manual Page 42

Mf/hf radio equipment.
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Names and Functions
····· Enter key.
····· User defined key. Register a frequently used menu and use this key to open it
····· Tunes the antenna.
····· Sets the communication channel input mode (user channel, ITU channel, or free
5. Jog dial
- On the status display, rotating the jog dial changes the channel or Rx frequency.
- On a menu or popup screen, rotating the jog dial moves the cursor position or screen
contents. When selecting a button or an item on the screen, rotate the jog dial until the
cursor is on it and then press the jog dial.
Press the jog dial to obtain access rights from another controller.
6. Handset connector
7. DISTRESS key (Under a clear cover with spring)
When in distress, sends a DSC distress call when pressed and held for 4 seconds.
8. RF GAIN control
Adjusts sensitivity level.
position of the control.
9. DIM (Dimmer) key
Adjusts dimmer level (Max → Typ → Min → Off) of the LCD display and key switches.
Additionally used to put into sleep mode by pressing it in combination with the
same time (a confirmation screen is displayed).
・ The adjusted dimmer level is not saved. When the controller is powered off
・ If a DSC message is received, the dimmer adjustment cycle becomes "Max →
10. PWR/CONT (Power/Contrast) key
Turns on the equipment or changes the controller from sleep mode to standby. Once turned on,
this key is also used to adjust the LCD contrast.
11. VOL (Volume) control
Adjusts volume of built-in loud speaker.
12. ALM/WKR (Alarm/Watchkeeping receiver) lamp
Lights up red on any malfunction detected in the equipment or after sending a DSC distress call,
or blinks red on receiving a DSC call. Lights green to indicate the DSC watchkeeping receiver is
operating while the equipment is in sleep mode.
13. CANCEL key
Cancels menus or stops alarms.
14. MENU key
Displays menu list.
15. Handset
When using in radiotelephone mode, press and hold the PTT key to talk.
16. Cradle (for handset)
is set to maximum just after DSC or TLX mode is set, regardless of the
and on again, the dimmer level is always set to Typ (default).
Typ → Typ → Typ" while the receiving alarm is activated.
key at the


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