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JRC JSS-2250 Instruction Manual Page 3

Mf/hf radio equipment.
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Radio and radar devices are operated by high voltages of anywhere from a few hundred volts up to
many hundreds of thousands of volts. Although there is no danger with normal use, it is very
dangerous if contact is made with the internal parts of these devices. (Only specialists should attempt
any maintenance, checking or adjusting.)
There is a very high risk of death by even a few thousand volts, in some cases you can be fatally
electrocuted by just a few hundred volts. To prevent accidents, you should avoid contact with the
internal parts of these devices at all costs. If contact is inevitable as in the case of an emergency, you
must switch off the devices and ground a terminal in order to discharge the capacitors. After making
certain that all the electricity is discharged, only then can you insert your hand into the device. Wearing
cotton gloves and putting your left hand in your pocket, in order not to use both hands simultaneously,
are also very good methods of shock prevention.
Quite often, an injury occurs by secondary factors, therefore it is necessary to choose a sturdy and
level working surface. If someone is electrocuted it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect the affected
area and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
Cautions concerning treatment of
electrocution victims
When you find an electrocution victim, you must first switch off the machinery and ground all circuits. If
you are unable to cut off the machinery, move the victim away from it using a non-conductive material
such as dry boards or clothing.
When someone is electrocuted, and the electrical current reaches the breathing synapses of the
central nervous system inside the brain, breathing stops. If the victim's condition is stable, he or she
can be administered artificial respiration. An electrocution victim becomes very pale, and their pulse
can be very weak or even stop, consequently losing consciousness and becoming stiff.
Administration of first aid is critical in this situation.


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