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JRC JSS-2250 Instruction Manual Page 5

Mf/hf radio equipment.
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☆If the victim has a pulse but is not breathing
(1) Place the victim's head facing backward (place something under the neck like a pillow).
(2) Point the chin upward to widen the trachea.
(3) Pinch the victim's nose, take a deep breath, then put your mouth over the victim's mouth and
exhale completely, making sure that your mouth completely covers the victim's mouth. Then
remove your mouth. Repeat this routine 10 to 15 times per minute (holding the nostrils).
(4) Pay attention to the victim to notice if he or she starts to breath. If breathing returns, stop
(5) If it is impossible to open the victim's mouth, put something like a plastic straw or vinyl tube into
one of the nostrils then blow air in while covering the mouth and the other nostril.
(6) Occasionally, when the victim comes back to consciousness, they immediately try to stand up.
Prevent this and keep them in a laying position. Give them something warm to drink and be sure
that they rest (do not give them any alcohol).
Administering artificial respiration by raising the head.
"Mouse to mouse" artificial respiration
("Mouth to mouth" resuscitation) Figure 1
Figure 1
(1) Raise the back of head, then place one
hand on the forehead and place the other
hand under the neck. →①
Most victims open their mouth when this is
done, making "mouth to mouth"
resuscitation easier.
(2) Cover the victim's mouth by opening your
mouth widely, then push your cheek
against the victim's nose, →②
or pinch the victim's nose to prevent air
from leaking out of it. →③
(3) Completely exhale into the lungs.
Exhale into the lungs until the chest
You have to blow as rapidly as possible for
the first 10 times.


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