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Korg D1600 Owner's Manual: Printing Conventions In This Manual

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual.
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Printing conventions in this
Switches and knobs [ ]
Keys, dials, and knobs on the panel of the D1600 are
printed within [square brackets].
Parameters that appear in the LCD screen " "
Parameters that appear in the LCD screen are printed
inside "double quotation marks." The terms 'button'
and 'cell' refer to objects in the LCD screen.
The LCD screen of the D1600 is a touch panel. To
select a parameter, simply touch that parameter
directly. Alternatively, you can use the [CURSOR]
key to move the cursor to the desired parameter.
Most of the procedure examples given in this man-
ual will use the method of directly pressing the
parameter in the LCD screen to select it ( p.14).
Bold-face type
Panel settings such as for faders or the [TRACK STA-
TUS] keys are printed in bold type, and parameter val-
ues are printed in "bold type."
Bold type also indicates content within the text that we
wish to emphasize.
Steps 1 2 3 ...
Steps in a procedure are indicated as 1 2 3 ...
This indicates a page or parameter number for refer-
These symbols respectively indicate points of caution
and notes of advice.
[...] "xx" tab page
This indicates a page displayed in the LCD screen. To
access this page, press the [...] key on the panel.
If there is more than one tab, the tab pages will be
selected successively each time you press the [...] key.
Example: The currently selected tab page.
The illustration below shows the [MASTER
EFFECT/AUX] "MstEff1" tab page. To select this
tab page, press the top panel [MASTER EFFECT/
AUX] key.
The various objects in the tab page are parameters
etc. There are also underlines, popup buttons, and
In the figure shown, "EffectNumber," "RetLev"
and "Rename" buttons etc. are parameters. Cur-
rently, "EffectNumber" is highlighted, and can be
edited. The current value is "M001," and this will
change if you rotate the [VALUE] dial. ( p.14)
When you press the [MASTER EFFECT/AUX] key
once again, the [MASTER EFFECT/AUX]
"MstEff2" tab page will appear.
LCD screens
The parameter values shown in the LCD screens
printed in this manual are explanatory examples, and
may not necessarily match the displays that appear on
your D1600.


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