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Korg D1600 Owner's Manual: Digital Input; Using The Tuner

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual.
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2. Digital input

The D1600 can record a digital audio signal that is input
via the S/P DIF jack.
The S/P DIF input has a built-in sampling rate con-
verter. Sources with sampling rates of 48 kHz or 32 kHz
can be connected directly, and will automatically be
converted to 44.1 kHz.
Here we will explain how the audio from a DAT con-
nected to the [S/P DIF IN] jack can be input to mixer
channels 1 and 2.
1 Connect the digital output device.
Lower the [MASTER] fader of the D1600, and use
an optical digital cable to connect the digital output
of your DAT to the [S/P DIF IN] jack.
2 Enable the digital input.
• Access the [INPUT] "Ch1–8" tab page.
• When you press the "DigiIn" button, a message
of "Obey Copyright Rules" will appear.
Carefully read the owner's manual section "COPY-
RIGHT WARNING" ( p.1). If you accept the
terms, press the "Yes" button for the "AreYou-
Sure?" prompt. Digital input will be enabled.
3 Specify the input channels.
Select the "Ch1" icon, and rotate the [VALUE] dial
to select "S/PDIF L." In the same way, select "S/
PDIF R" for "Ch2."
The input from the [S/P DIF IN] jack has now been
assigned to channels 1 and 2.
4 Assign the input sound to mixer channels 1 and 2.
Play back the DAT, and press the [TRACK STA-
TUS] keys of tracks 1 and 2 to set them to INPUT
(LED lit orange).
5 Check the recording mode and input level, and
audition the sound.
Refer to steps 3, 4, and 5 of "Connect a guitar to
the [GUITAR IN] jack, and assign it to mixer chan-
nel 8."

3. Using the tuner

Here's how you can tune a sound that is being input.
1 Use "SelectSource" to select the source that you
wish to tune.
• If you wish to tune an instrument such as a gui-
tar, connect the instrument to the [INPUT 8/
GUITAR IN] jack.
• In the [INPUT] "Tuner" tab page, set "Select-
Source" to "Input8."
2 Set "Calib" to specify the reference frequency.
3 Adjust or measure the pitch.
The "Note Display" shows the note name, and the
"CENT Scale" shows the pitch.
• If you selected "Input8," play your instrument
to produce sound, and tune it so that the central
triangle is displayed as " ."
To measure the pitch of a previously-recorded sound
• To measure the pitch of a previously-recorded track,
set "SelectSource" to "Track," and choose the track
that you wish to measure. Move to the time location
that you wish to measure, press the [PLAY] key to
play back, and measure the note name and pitch.


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