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Korg D1600 Owner's Manual: Adjusting The Lcd Screen Contrast; Basic Operation; Selecting A Mode; Selecting A Tab Page

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual.
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Adjusting the LCD screen con-
Use the rear panel [LCD CONTRAST] knob to adjust
the contrast. ( p.12)

Basic operation

1. Selecting a mode

To make settings in the LCD screen for the various
functions of the D1600, you must first press the key of
the mode that includes that function.
For the functions of each mode, refer to "Reference"
( p.75–).

2. Selecting a tab page

Each mode contains numerous parameters, and these
are organized into pages. Pages are accessed by tabs.
1 Press the key for the desired mode.
The illustration below shows a tab page of
TEMPO/RHYTHM mode that will appear when
you press the [TEMPO/RHYTHM] key.
In this manual, this is referred to as the [TEMPO/
RHYTHM] "SetUp" tab page.
2 Select the desired tab page.
Each time you press the key of the currently
selected mode, you will cycle through the tab
pages of that mode.
Some pages contain only one tab.

3. Selecting and setting a parameter

Selecting a parameter
Use one of the following methods to select the parame-
ter that you wish to edit.
• In the LCD screen, press that parameter directly.
• Press the up/down/left/right areas of the [CUR-
SOR] key to move the cursor to that parameter.
• In a list display screen, rotate the [VALUE] dial to
move the cursor.
Setting a parameter value
The method of setting a parameter value will differ
depending on the type of parameter.
Underlined "___" parameters, and icons such as
Either directly press the parameter displayed in the
LCD, or use the [CURSOR] key to move the edit
cell so that the parameter is highlighted, and rotate
the [VALUE] dial to edit the value.
This is the typical method, and also applies for
underlined parameters such as "Tempo", parame-
ters displayed as an icon such as EQ, and changes
in locate times.
Popup buttons and dialog boxes
Use the popup button to access the dialog box, and
set the parameter value ( p.13).
• When you press a popup button shown in the
LCD screen, a dialog box will appear.
• Use the [CURSOR] key to move the edit cell to
the popup button, and press the [ENTER] key to
access the dialog box.
Toggle buttons
These buttons are used to turn a function on/off.
( p.13)
• Each time you press a toggle button shown in
the LCD screen, the setting will alternate on/off.
• Use the [CURSOR] key to select the parameter,
and press the [ENTER] key. The button will turn
on/off each time you press it.
Radio buttons
These buttons are used to select one of multiple
• When you press one of the radio buttons shown
in the LCD, it will be selected.
• Use the [CURSOR] key to move the edit cell to
the desired button, and press the [ENTER] key.
Selecting an item from a list
• To select a song or mark, rotate the [VALUE]
dial to select the desired item.
• To select a song in a program play list, use the
following procedure.
1 Select the playback list num.
2 Rotate the [VALUE] dial to select the song.


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