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Installing A Hard Disk Or Cd-R/Rw Drive; About The Internal Hard Disk - Korg D1600 Owner's Manual

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual
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Installing a hard disk or
CD-R/RW drive
The D1600 has a hard disk bay and a CD-R/RW drive
bay, into which you can respectively install a hard disk
and CD-R/RW drive recommended by Korg.
Make IDE settings to set the hard disk as the mas-
ter, and the CD-R/RW drive as the slave. For
details on making these settings, refer to the man-
ual for the device you are installing.
Cautions when installing a hard disk or CD-R/RW
• Hard disks and CD-R/RW drives are precision
devices. Handle them with care, and do not subject
them to vibration or shock.
• You will need a screwdriver to install the drive.
Please obtain a screwdriver that fits the head of the
screws. Using an unsuitable screwdriver may dam-
age the head of the screws.
• When installing a drive, remove only the screws that
you are directed to remove. Be careful not to lose the
screws you remove.
• Be careful to avoid personal injury when installing a
• Do not touch the circuit boards or connector con-
Before moving the D1600, you must remove the
hard disk and/or CD-R/RW drive.

1. About the internal hard disk

The D1600 cannot be used unless an internal hard disk
is installed. Before you use the D1600, you must install
a hard disk sold or recommended by Korg.
For information on hard disks that Korg recommends,
please contact your Korg distributor.
Never use a hard disk that is not sold by Korg or
recommended by Korg.
Installing the internal hard disk
1 Turn off the power of the D1600, and disconnect
all connected cables.
2 Remove the front cover.
Unlock the cover by sliding the lock levers located
at the left and right.
3 Pull the front cover away from the unit toward
4 Remove the two screws that fasten the hard disk
Be careful not to lose these screws, since they will
be used to fasten the hard disk cartridge in place.
5 Pull out the hard disk cartridge.
Pull the lever located below the hard disk cartridge
in the direction of the arrow, and pull out the hard
disk cartridge.


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