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Korg D1600 Owner's Manual: Master Effects

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual.
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7 As described in "1. Adjust the recording level,
and record" ( p.27), adjust the record level and
then record.
Applying an insert effect to a track during
Here's how an insert effect can be inserted into a mixer
channel, and applied to the track playback.
1 Select the track(s) that you wish to playback.
Press the [TRACK STATUS] key of one or more
recorded tracks to set their status to PLAY (LED lit
2 Access the [INSERT EFFECT] "InsAss" tab page.
3 Press the "Assign: " button. In the dialog box
that appears, select "PlayTrack (Trk)."
4 Press the "SelectEffType: " button, and select
the effect type. ( p.44, 105)
5 Specify the channel into which the effect will be
• Press the "InsertTo: " button to open the dialog
• For each effect, rotate the [VALUE] dial to set
"SelectCh" to the input (output) channel.
• After making the settings, press the "OK" but-
6 Select an effect program.
• Use the [INSERT EFFECT] "InsEff1" or
"InsEff2" tab page to select the effect that you
wish to use.
• Select "EffectNumber," and rotate the [VALUE]
dial to select the desired effect program.
7 Press the [PLAY] key to begin playback.
You can also select effect programs while you listen
to the playback.

2. Master effects

The D1600 contains two master effects (MstEff1 and
MstEff2) which can be used simultaneously. You can
adjust the send amount from each channel to change
the depth of the effect.
How the master effects can be used
The master effects are used mainly for spatial process-
ing (reverb etc.) to create an overall sense of depth and
For example, you could use send 1 for ReverbHall and
send 2 for ReverbRoom, in order to use the effects to
simulate a complex spatial environment.
In this way, you can combine two different effects to
produce results that would not be possible when using
only a single effect.
Using the master effects
1 Access the [MASTER EFFECT/AUX] "MstEff1" or
"MstEff2" tab page.
2 Select an effect program.
Select "EffectNumber," and rotate the [VALUE]
dial to select the desired effect program.
3 Set the return level from the master effect to the
master LR, and set the return balance.
For this example, set "RetLev" (return level) to
"100," and set "RetBal" (return balance) to "CNT."
4 Adjust the send levels.
• Adjustments for Master Effect 1 are made in the
"EffSnd1" tab page, and for Master Effect 2 in
the "EffSnd2" tab page.
• Select the appropriate "Send" icon knob, and
rotate the [VALUE] dial to adjust the send
Play back to hear the output from master LR,
and audition the resulting effect.
• Adjust the return level and send level so that
CLP does not appear in the master effect level


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