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Korg D1600 Owner's Manual: Basic Operation; Step 0. Starting; Preparations; Using The D1600

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual.
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1. Preparations

Included items
Make sure that the following included items are all
• Operating manual (this document)
Owner's Manual
• Demo CD
• Power cable
Before using the D1600 for the first time
The D1600 will not operate unless an internal hard disk
is installed.
Before using the D1600 for the first time, you must
install an internal hard disk.
You must install either a separately sold Korg HDD-
20G hard disk or a Korg-recommended product.
Refer to p.134 "About the internal hard disk."
For a list of hard disks recommended by Korg,
please contact your Korg distributor.

Basic operation

Step 0. Starting

2. Using the D1600

The D1600 lets you record your own performance and
shape it into a completed song.
If a CD-R/RW drive such as the CDRW-2 is installed in
the D1600, you will also be able to easily create your
own original CD's.
Connecting instruments and turning on the
Connect the instrument and mic etc. that you wish to
use for recording to the D1600, and turn on the power.
( p.17)
Create a song
First you will create a song, and assign a song title.
If you will be creating a CD, set the song type to 16 bit.
The title can be assigned later. ( p.21)
Successively record the melody, bass, and drums etc. on
tracks 1–16.
This process is the same as when using analog tape
multi-track recorders, but the important difference is
that on the D1600, you can use numerous convenient
functions, such as the Undo function to cancel a mis-
take you made, the Auto Punch-in/out function to re-
record a specific area that you wish to fix, or Trigger
Recording to automatically start recording as soon as
you begin playing your instrument. You can also take
advantage of the D1600's virtual tracks to record and
edit using more than 16 tracks. In addition, you can use
the internal rhythm sounds as a tempo guide, or apply
the internal effects as you record. ( p.27)
In this step, you can apply EQ and effects to the sound
of each recorded track, adjust the volume and pan, and
combine the tracks into two tracks. ( p.49)
By applying the built-in Final Effect to the MASTER L/
R, you can add finishing touches to your song. When
you have finished adjusting the balance, use "16Tr
2Tr bounce" to mix the song down to two tracks.
At this time if you record the mixdown on virtual
tracks other than the current virtual tracks (i.e., the
tracks selected for recording and playback), you will be
able to record and compare between up to seven differ-
ent mixdowns. ( p.30)


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