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Korg D1600 Owner's Manual Page 46

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual.
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1 in 1 out x 4 (mono-in/mono-out
• While recording four vocals simultaneously, you
could apply Exciter-Comp to voices that lack impact,
and apply Limiter-P4EQ to loud voices as you
Other examples are shown below.
1 in 1out x 8 (mono in/mono out x 8)
• For example when using eight mics to simulta-
neously record each instrument of a drum set, you
can apply a separate effect program to each instru-
ment, such as a Limiter to the bass drum, a Gate to
the snare drum, and an Exciter to the tom while you
• When using eight mics to record multiple instru-
ments simultaneously, you could apply Gate to each
instrument to reduce crosstalk between the mics, or
apply Limiter to adjust the dynamics.
During track playback
2 in 2 out x 2 (stereo-in/stereo-out
• Two tracks containing stereo recorded drums etc.
could be processed by St.Comp or St.Limiter to
adjust the dynamics, or Reverb could be applied to
create a broader sense of space.
1 in 1 out x 4 (mono-in/mono-out
• Exciter-Comp or Limiter-P4EQ could be applied to
individual recorded tracks to adjust the dynamics, or
P4EQ-Cho/Fln could be applied to add modulation.
1 in 1 out x 8 (mono-in/mono-out
• Comp, Limiter, Gate, or Expander could be applied
to individual recorded tracks to adjust the dynamics,
or Chorus, Phaser, or Delay could be applied.
Applying the insert effects while you
record (analog/rhythm only)
While you record, effects can be applied to the input
from an instrument connected to the [INPUT 1] –
[INPUT 8/GUITAR IN] analog inputs, or to the built-in
rhythm sound that is input to a mixer channel, so that
the sound processed by the effect is recorded.
If an internal CD-R/RW drive (sold separately) is
installed, you can also apply effects to the audio
from an audio CD.
As an example, here's how to connect a guitar to the
[INPUT 8/GUITAR IN] jack, apply effects, and record
the sound on track 8.
1 Make connections, and select the track for record-
Refer to "Connect a guitar to the [GUITAR IN] jack,
and assign it to mixer channel 8" ( p.23).
2 Access the [INSERT EFFECT] "InsAss" tab page.
3 Press the "Assign: " button, and select
4 Press the "SelectEffType: " button, and select
the effect type.
In the illustration for step 2, "1 in 1 out x 4" has
been selected.
5 Insert the effect between INPUT 8 (GUITAR IN)
and channel 8.
• Press the "InsertTo: " button.
• For effect 1, use "SelectCh" to set the channel to
• After making the settings, press the "OK" but-
Input indicator
Effect 1
6 Select the effect program.
• Access the [INSERT EFFECT] "InsEff1" tab
• Select "EffectNumber," and rotate the [VALUE]
dial to select the desired effect program.
channel selection


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