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Korg D1600 Owner's Manual: Scrub; Enter

Korg digital recording studio owner's manual.
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Scrub, Play From/Play To, and Slow Play functions can
be switched on/off here.
Each time you press the [SCRUB] key, the setting will
be switched on or off.
By using these functions, you can register Locate and
Mark times more precisely and easily.
If you use the Scrub function on a song that uses the
tempo track, you should set the counter display
unit to time display (MSM) or frame display
(MSF). If this is set to MBT, rotating the [VALUE]
dial may not play the data immediately. ( p.75)
On ([SCRUB] key lit):
The following functions will be available.
• Scrub function: Rotate the [VALUE] dial to play
back the track data.
Use this to find a specific location in the song while
listening to the sound. This method is similar to
manually rotating an analog record on a turntable to
find the desired location.
• Play From function: When you press the [PLAY]
key, playback will begin from the currently stopped
location and will stop after two seconds. Then you
will automatically return to the location where play-
back began.
• Play To function: When you hold down the [STOP]
key and press the [PLAY] key, playback will begin
from two seconds earlier than the currently stopped
location, and will continue to the location where
playback had been stopped.
By using the Play From function in conjunction
with the Play To function, you can find a time
location with greater accuracy.
• Slow Play function: When you press the [FF] key,
half-speed playback will begin from the currently
stopped location. When you press the [STOP] key
playback will stop, and you will return to the loca-
tion where playback began.
The sound will play slowly, at a pitch one
octave lower than normal. You can use this
function by itself or in conjunction with a pitch
shifter to learn or practice difficult phrases.
When this is "On," the [VALUE] dial is used only
for Scrub playback. This means that the [VALUE]
dial cannot be used to set parameter values.
Off ([SCRUB] key dark):
Operation will be normal.
1. Loc (Locate)...................................... [000:00.000...]
Change the current time location.
You can rotate the [VALUE] dial to change the cur-
rent time location while listening to the sound and
viewing the waveform.
2. TrackSelect...............................................[Trk1...16]
Select the track that will be played and whose
waveform will be displayed.
Press the " " button and select from the list.
3. Zoom In/Out/Up/Down..........................................
Adjust the size of the waveform display and the
playback speed.
: Expand the waveform display vertically.
: Shrink the waveform display vertically.
: Expand the waveform display horizontally.
: Shrink the waveform display horizontally.


By pressing the [ENTER] key, you can finalize a param-
eter selection or turn it on/off.


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