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Service And Maintenance; Tilt Lock; Lamp - Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual

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Service and maintenance

Warning! Read "Safety Information" on page 4 before servicing the MAC Viper Performance.
Warning! Disconnect the fixture from AC mains power and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes
minutes before handling. Do not stare into the light output. Be prepared for the fixture to light and
move suddenly when connected to power.
Warning! The MAC Viper Performance™ contains components that are accessible and live at high
voltage while the fixture is connected to power and that remain under tension for 30 minutes after
power is disconnected. Only technicians who are authorized by Martin™ and who have access to
the Martin™ service documentation for the MAC Viper Performance are permitted to open the base
and yoke of the fixture. The user may open the MAC Viper Performance's head only to carry out the
service operations described in this section, following the warnings and instructions provided.
Refer any service operation not described in this manual or the product's User Guide to a qualified
service technician.
Important! Excessive dust, smoke fluid, and particle buildup degrades performance, causes
overheating and will damage the fixture. Damage caused by inadequate cleaning or maintenance is
not covered by the product warranty.
The user will need to clean the MAC Viper Performance periodically, The user may also replace gobos,
color filters, the iris, the animation wheel and air filters in the head and update the firmware. All other service
operations on the MAC Viper Performance must be carried out by Martin Professional™, its approved
service agents or trained and qualified personnel using the official Martin™ service documentation for the
MAC Viper Performance.
Installation, on-site service and maintenance can be provided worldwide by the Martin Professional Global
Service organization and its approved agents, giving owners access to Martin's expertise and product
knowledge in a partnership that will ensure the highest level of performance throughout the product's
lifetime. Please contact your Martin supplier for details.
It is Martin policy to apply the strictest possible calibration procedures and use the best quality materials
available to ensure optimum performance and the longest possible component lifetimes. However, optical
components are subject to wear and tear over the life of the product, resulting in gradual changes in color
over many thousands of hours of use. The extent of wear and tear depends heavily on operating conditions
and environment, so it is impossible to specify precisely whether and to what extent performance will be
affected. However, you may eventually need to replace optical components if their characteristics are
affected by wear and tear after an extended period of use and if you require fixtures to perform within very
precise optical and color parameters.

Tilt lock

The tilt position of the head can be locked at 45° for service. See Figure 1 on page 6. Push the lock in
towards the yoke in one direction to lock the head and back in from the other side to unlock the head.
Release the tilt lock before applying power to the fixture and before packing the fixture in its


The MAC Viper Performance is designed for use with a highly efficient 1000 watt short-arc Osram HTI
1000/PS Lok-it discharge lamp. This lamp has a color temperature of 6000 K, a color rendering index
greater than 85 and an average service life of 750 hours. Do not use any lamp that is not approved by
Martin™ for the MAC Viper Performance.
Installing a lamp that is not approved may create a safety hazard or damage the fixture!
Lamp power is automatically reduced to approximately 800 W after 10 seconds when the dimmer/shutter is
closed in order to reduce cooling fan activity and power consumption. The lamp returns to 1000 W as soon
as the dimmer/shutter is opened.
MAC Viper Performance Safety and Installation Guide