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Lamp Replacement - Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual

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Lamp life
Monitor lamp hours using the resettable LAMP ON TIME counter in the INFORMATION control menu. To
reduce the risk of explosion, replace the lamp when it reaches the limit of its average service life, i.e. when
usage reaches 750 hours. Never exceed the lamp's average service life by more than 10%. Replace the
lamp immediately if it is deformed or in any way defective.
For maximum service life:
• Avoid powering the lamp off until it has warmed up for at least 5 minutes.
• Before shutting down power completely, shut down the lamp but leave power applied for a few minutes so
that cooling fans can prevent any momentary lamp temperature increase caused by heat from
surrounding components.

Lamp replacement

Warning! Wear safety glasses and gloves when handling lamps. The clear lamp bulb is integral with
the ceramic lamp base. Do not try to separate the bulb from the base.
Important! The lamp can be a stiff fit in its holder. Twist the lamp base a full 45° clockwise when
installing to ensure that the lamp contacts are fully engaged.
Replacement lamps are available from Martin™ by ordering P/N 97010346.
The clear bulb must be perfectly clean. Do not touch it with
your fingers. Clean the lamp with an alcohol wipe and polish
it with a clean, dry lint-free cloth before installing,
particularly if you accidentally touch the bulb.
To replace the lamp:
1. Shut down the lamp but leave power applied for at least
30 minutes so that cooling fans continue to run, then
disconnect the fixture from power.
2. Tilt the head so that the text around the lamp access
cover is facing the right way up and the cover is easy to
3. See Figure 8. Release the Torx 20 cover screw A and
open the cover.
4. See Figure 9. Grasp the ceramic lamp base, twist it 45°
counterclockwise to release it, then remove the lamp gently from the fixture.
5. See Figure 10. Hold the replacement lamp so that the external wire B is facing downwards, towards the
bottom of the head. Line up the key C in the lamp base with the keyway D in the lamp socket and line up
the contacts E on the lamp base with the slots F in the lampholder. Slide the lamp into the fixture until
the contacts are fully inserted in the slots, then twist the lamp base a full 45° clockwise until it locks into
position with a noticeable click. The lamp is a stiff fit, and trying to strike a lamp that is not correctly
installed can cause damage that is not covered by the product warranty, so ensure that the lamp is
correctly locked into position.
Figure 9: Lamp lock / unlock
Service and maintenance
Figure 8: Lamp access