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Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual page 20

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7. Remove the old air filter element from the filter housing and put the new element into position with the
ribs in the element running from top to bottom (in the same direction as the louvers in the filter housing
cover) as shown in Figure 17.
8. See Figure 16. Hook the side of
the cover opposite the clips C
into the housing and then press
the cover onto the housing,
checking that the clips snap
into the housing and that the
cover is located correctly with
no gaps where air could bypass
the filter.
9. Reconnect the air filter fan
connector B.
10. Hook the rear end of the air
filter housing into position in the
head by sliding it towards the
rear of the fixture. Then hold
the front of the housing in
position against the front of the
head while you fasten the two Torx 25 screws A.
11. If you have finished work on the head, reinstall the head covers as described in "Access to the head" on
page 17 and release the tilt lock before reapplying power.
Figure 16: Head air filter removal
MAC Viper Performance Safety and Installation Guide
Figure 17: Head air filter alignment