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Lubrication; Replacing Optical Components - Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual

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The MAC Viper Performance does not require lubrication under normal circumstances. The slides for the
zoom and focus lens cars are lubricated with a long-lasting teflon-based grease that can be reapplied by a
Martin service partner if necessary.

Replacing optical components

Optical components have fragile coatings and are exposed to very high temperatures. Use only genuine
Martin™ parts. Handle and store components with care. Wear cotton gloves while handling them and keep
them perfectly clean to reduce the risk of heat damage.
Replacing the prism
The MAC Viper Performance is supplied with a four-facet rotating prism as standard.
To replace the prism:
1. Disconnect the fixture from power and allow it to cool for 30 minutes.
2. Remove the head covers, position the head with the front glass angled downwards and the top side
facing upwards, and apply the tilt lock (see "Access to the head" on page 17).
3. See Figure 18. Slide the zoom/focus car A to its forward limit.
4. Holding the prismholder B by its teeth, pull it out of its clip C.
5. When installing a prism, note that the prismholder B is marked with a hole E, and the blue prism
actuation cog D has a magnet F embedded in it. Slide the prismholder B into its clip C so that the hole E
lines up with the magnet F when the teeth in the prismholder and actuation cog mesh with each other.
6. Check that the prismholder is held securely.
7. If no further service work is to be carried out, reinstall the head covers as described in "Access to the
head" on page 17 and release the tilt lock before reapplying power.
Figure 18: Prism removal and installation
Service and maintenance