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Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual page 22

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Gobos: general
The MAC Viper Performance uses specially designed borosilicate 3.3 gobos with a heavy matted aluminum
coating that require particularly careful handling and storage. The MAC Viper Performance User Guide
available for download from gives names, illustrations and part numbers of the gobos
installed as standard.
The use of metal gobos in the MAC Viper Performance is not recommended.
Do not use gobos with dark coatings on any side, as these will absorb heat – either directly from the lamp or
reflected back from other gobos and optical components – and will not be durable.
Gobo orientation
The orientations shown in Figure 19 are correct in most cases, but consult your Martin dealer or gobo
supplier if you are in any doubt about the orientation of a specific gobo type.
The heavy matted aluminum coated borosilicate gobos in the MAC Viper Performance are
factory-installed with the more reflective sides facing towards the lamp. Replacement
gobos must also be installed with more reflective sides facing the lamp in order to avoid
heat damage.
More reflective side towards lamp
To minimize the risk of gobo overheating
and damage, turn the more reflective side of
a coated gobo towards the lamp.
Textured side towards lamp
Textured glass gobos in the MAC Viper Performance sit most squarely in the gobo wheel
with the textured side towards the lamp. If in doubt, consult your Martin dealer or gobo
True image towards lamp
Coated Glass Gobos
Textured Glass Gobos
Image / text Gobos
Figure 19. Correct gobo orientation
MAC Viper Performance Safety and Installation Guide
Less reflective side away from lamp
The less reflective side of a coated gobo will
absorb less heat if it faces away from the
Smooth side away from lamp
Reversed image away from lamp
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