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Replacing Rotating Gobos - Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual

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Gobo handling and storage
1. Store all gobos in a dust-free environment with approx. 50% humidity.
2. Always use clean gloves when handling gobos.
3. Avoid touching the other gobos when taking out a gobo from a rack: the sharp edge of one gobo can
scratch the others.
4. Clean the coated side of gobos with dust and oil-free compressed air only.
5. Clean the uncoated side of gobos with photographic quality lens-cleaner and optics cleaning tissues.
Use a repeated dabbing action rather than a rubbing action.
6. Avoid scratching coated and uncoated sides.
7. Never place a gobo with the coated side face-down on any surface.
8. Mount the gobo with the non-reflective coating facing towards the front of the fixture, away from the

Replacing rotating gobos

A gobo can fall out of its holder if its spring is inserted the wrong way round.
Do not lubricate gobo bearings: excess grease can cause loss of step.
Correct gobo orientation is critical. Read the guidelines in Figure 19 carefully before installing a
The MAC Viper Performance has a rotating gobo wheel with rotating texture/breakup gobos. Gobos are
To replace a gobo:
1. Disconnect the fixture from power and allow it to cool for 30 minutes.
2. Remove the head covers, position the head with the front glass angled downwards and the top side
facing upwards, and apply the tilt lock (see "Access to the head" on page 17).
3. Remove the framing module from the head (see "Access to
the framing module" on page 18).
4. Turn the gobo wheel until the gobo you want to replace is
accessible from the side of the module.
5. See Figure 20. Rotate the goboholder until its magnet
(arrowed) lines up with a reference point that you choose on
the module frame. Remove and insert any gobos you replace
one by one, with the goboholder magnets lined up with your
reference point, and avoid rotating the gobo wheel while a
gobo is removed. This will keep gobos in the orientation they
were designed for and avoid the need to reprogram the
controller because a gobo orientation has changed during
6. See Figure 21. Grasp the goboholder by its edge
and pull it out of its clip to remove it from the
7. Note that fused glass gobos such as
Limbo/Crystal are glued into the goboholder and
cannot be removed from it. If you need to replace
a fused glass gobo, you must replace the entire
goboholder. Other types of glass gobo are held in
their holders by springs and can be removed from
the holders as described below.
Service and maintenance
Figure 20: Goboholder magnet
Figure 21: Gobo removal