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Access To The Framing Module - Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual

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Access to the framing module

Besides the framing effect, the framing module contains the rotating gobo, color and animation wheels.
Access to these is easiest if you remove the module from the head.
To remove the framing module:
1. Remove the head covers, position the head with the front glass angled downwards and the top side
facing upwards, and apply the tilt lock (see "Access to the head" on page 17).
2. See Figure 14. Unhook the module wiresets from their cutout A in the zoom/focus module chassis, then
unplug the two framing connectors B from the Projection sockets and the color mixing module
connectors from the Color Mixing sockets on the module interface PCB C.
3. See Figure 15.
Loosen the two
Torx 20 screws
D to release
the framing
module, then
lift the module
out of the head
and place it
with the motors
facing down on
a work surface.
4. Use the steps
above as a guide when reinstalling the module. Check that no wires are trapped.
Do not disassemble the framing module without service documentation or assistance from Martin Service.
The animation wheel must be removed before disassembling the module.
Figure 14: Disconnecting the framing module
MAC Viper Performance Safety and Installation Guide
Figure 15: Removing the module