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Cleaning; Replacing The Head Air Filters - Martin MAC Viper Performance Safety And Installation Manual

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Regular cleaning is very important for fixture life and performance. Buildup of dust, dirt, smoke particles, fog
fluid residues, etc. degrades the fixture's light output and cooling ability.
Cleaning schedules for lighting fixtures vary greatly depending on the operating environment. It is therefore
impossible to specify precise cleaning intervals for the MAC Viper Performance. Cooling fans suck in
airborne dust and smoke particles, and in extreme cases fixtures may require cleaning after surprisingly few
hours of operation. Environmental factors that may result in a need for frequent cleaning include:
• Use of smoke or fog machines.
• High airflow rates (near air conditioning vents, for example).
• Presence of cigarette smoke.
• Airborne dust (from stage effects, building structures and fittings or the natural environment at outdoor
events, for example).
If one or more of these factors is present, inspect fixtures within their first few hours of operation to see
whether cleaning is necessary. Check again at frequent intervals. This procedure will allow you to assess
cleaning requirements in your particular situation. If in doubt, consult your Martin dealer about a suitable
maintenance schedule.
Work in a clean, well lit area. Use gentle pressure only when cleaning. Do not use any product that contains
abrasives. Do not use solvents on plastic or painted surfaces. Use care when cleaning optical components:
the coated surfaces are fragile and easily scratched.
To clean the head:
1. Disconnect the fixture from power and allow it to cool for 30 minutes.
2. Remove the head covers (see "Access to the head" on page 17).
3. Vacuum or gently blow away dust and loose particles inside the head with compressed air.
4. Carefully clean the optical components, but note that special precautions apply to the gobos (see "Gobo
handling and storage" on page 23). Remove smoke and other residues with cotton swabs or unscented
lens tissues moistened with isopropyl alcohol. A commercial glass cleaner may be used, but residues
must be removed with distilled water. Clean with a slow circular motion from center to edge. Dry with a
clean, soft, lint-free cloth or low-pressure compressed air. Remove stuck particles with an unscented
tissue or cotton swab moistened with glass cleaner or distilled water. Do not rub the surface: lift the
particles off with a soft repeated press.
5. Remove dust from fans and air vents with a soft brush, cotton swab, vacuum, or compressed air.
6. If you have finished work on the head, reinstall the head covers as described in "Access to the head" on
page 17 and release the tilt lock before reapplying power.

Replacing the head air filters

There are two disposable air filters in the MAC Viper Performance head. They must be replaced as a pair
when they become dirty.
The replacement procedure is the same for each air filter:
1. Disconnect the fixture from power and allow it to cool for 30 minutes.
2. Remove the head covers (see "Access to the head" on page 17).
3. See Figure 16. Loosen the two captive Torx 25 screws A at the front end of the filter housing until the
screws turn freely.
4. Disconnect the air filter fan connector B.
5. Slide the filter housing towards the front of the fixture to release the rear of the housing, then lift the
housing away from the head.
6. Press down on the two clips C until they release and you can open the filter housing.
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