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Laundry Tips; Loading - Kenmore HE5T STEAM 4771 Use & Care Manual

Front-loading automatic washer


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clothes for washing
Follow these recommendations
to help you prolong the life of
your garments.
Use only High Efficiency detergents. The package for this type
of detergent will be marked "HE" or "High Efficiency." This
wash system, along with less water, will create too much
sudsing with a regular non-HE detergent. Using regular
detergent will likely result in washer errors, longer cycle times,
and reduced rinsing performance. It may also result in
failures and noticeable mold or mildew. HE
detergents are made to produce the right amount of suds for
the best performance. Follow the manufacturer's
to determine the amount of detergent to use.
Use only HE High Efficiency detergenL
Close zippers, snaps, and hooks to avoid snagging other
items. Remove pins, buckles, and other hard objects to avoid
scratching the washer interior. Remove non-washable
and ornaments.
Empty pockets and turn them inside out.
Turn down cuffs; brush away lint and dirt.
Turn wool and synthetic knits inside out to avoid pilling.
Tie strings and sashes so they will not tangle.
Mend tears, loose hems, and seams.
Treat spots and stains.
Stained or wet garments should be washed promptly for best
Mix large and small items, avoid washing single items, and
load evenly.
Wash small items, such as infant socks, in a mesh garment
bag. To create a balanced load, it is recommended
that more
than one garment bag be used, and that each garment bag
be filled with equal amounts of material.
NOTE: If you are washing only small items, it is
that more than one mesh garment bag be
used, and that each garment bag be filled with equal
amounts of material.
Separate heavily soiled items from lightly soiled ones, even if
they would normally be washed together. Separate lint-givers
(towels, chenille) from lint-takers (corduroy, synthetics,
permanent press). When possible, turn lint-givers inside out.
Separate dark colors from light colors, colorfast items from
Sort by fabric and construction
(sturdy cottons, knits, delicate
Remove clothes from washer after the cycle is completed.
Metal objects such as zippers, snaps, and buckles may rust
if left in the washer basket for a long time.
When unloading garments, occasionally
check under the gray
colored seal at the front of the tub for small items.
Loading suggestions
Heavy Work Clothes
4 jeans
2 sweatpants
4 workpants
2 sweatshirts
4 workshirts
10 bath towels
14 washcloths
10 hand towels
Mixed Load
3 sheets (1 king, 2 twin)
9 T-shirts
4 pillowcases
9 shorts
3 shirts
10 handkerchiefs
3 blouses
3 camisoles
2 bras
4 slips
2 nighties
4 panties
(2-3 garments)
2 dress shirts
1 pair dress pants

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