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Connect The Inlet Hoses; Cleaning Your Washer - Kenmore HE5T STEAM 4771 Use & Care Manual

Front-loading automatic washer


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Washer won't drain or spin
Is the drain hose kinked? Is the drain hose clogged, or the
end of the drain hose more than 96" (2.4 m) above the
Is your voltage low?
Check electrical source or call electrician. Do not use an
extension cord.
Is the"SUD"
routine active?
Cycle will complete once extra suds are removed.
Is the load balanced?
A single or bulky item may cause imbalance. Add more items
or redistribute the load.
makes noise or vibrates
Is the washer level?
The washer must be level. The four feet should be properly
installed, and the nuts should be tightened against the
washer cabinet.
As water is drained from the washer, you may hear air being
pulled through the pump. This happens during the end of
draining. It is normal.
Are you washing
items with metal snaps, buckles,
or zippers?
You may hear metal items touching the washer drum.
This is normal.
Is washer installed on a sturdy and solid floor?
Refer to the "Installation
Instructions" for flooring
Noise and vibration may be reduced by
securing a piece of 3A" (19.1 mm) plywood underneath your
washer. The plywood may extend underneath
both washer
and dryer to keep them at equal heights.
Water near washer
Check household plumbing for leaks.
Are the inlet hose connections tight?
For inlet hose connections,
see "Connect the Inlet Hoses."
clogged or leaking
Are the laundry products in the correct
Add the correct amounts of detergent, fabric softener, or
liquid chlorine bleach to the correct compartments.
powdered or liquid color-safe bleach to the Main Wash
Be sure to match powdered color-safe bleach
with powdered detergent or match liquid color-safe bleach
with liquid detergent.
Is the detergent type separator in the correct position?
Separator should be in the lowered position when using liquid
detergent and in the upper position when using powdered
detergent. See "Cleaning Your Washer."
See "Cleaning
Your Washer."
Are you using HE detergent?
Use of non-HE detergent can cause a film residue which can
result in odor.
Did you leave the door open after use?
This washer has a tight seal to avoid water leaks. To avoid
odors leave the door open to allow the washer to dry
between uses.
Load too wet
Did you use the right cycle for the load being washed?
Select a cycle with a higher spin speed.
Did you wash a single item or bulky items or have you
the washer?
A single item, bulky items, or overloading
may cause
imbalance. Add items or try to evenly distribute your wet
laundry in the drum, and start a Drain & Spin cycle. If the
laundry is still wet, take half of the load out of the washer and
try again.
Residue or lint on load
Did you add detergent
to the dispenser?
For best results, add detergent to the detergent
Do not add detergent to the washer drum.
Did you sort properly?
Sort lint givers (towels, chenille) from lint takers (corduroy,
synthetics). Also sort by color.
Did you overload
the washer?
Do not overload the washer. The washer can be fully loaded,
but not tightly packed. The wash load must be balanced. Lint
can be trapped in the load if overloaded.
Check the following:
Was paper or tissue left in pockets?
Did you use enough HE detergent?
Use enough detergent to remove lint and hold it
in suspension.
Use only HE detergent. Follow the
instructions to determine the amount
of detergent to use.
Is your water colder than 6O°F (15.6°O)?
Wash water colder than 60°F (15.6°C) may not completely
dissolve the detergent.
Are you using a low speed wash cycle?
Powdered detergents may not dissolve well in a slow-speed
cycle. For best results, use liquid detergent for slow-speed
cycles such as Handwash/Wool
and SilWUItra Delicate.

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