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Loading Suggestions - Kenmore One-speed automatic washers with water temperature control Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

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• Reduce wash time byusing a lower
water level s etting. Loads w ithonly a
fewsmall items need lesswash time.
Proper loading of your washer con-
tributes to proper cleaning and fabric
care and reduces machine noise.
• Drop items into washer loosely. Fill
to the top of the basket (top row of
holes). Do not wrap items around the
agitator. Items should move easily
through wash water for best cleaning
and wrinkle-free results. Items should
sink and reappear later.
• Load washer properly and select correct
water level setting. Overloading or
packing the machine, and selecting a
setting too small for the wash load can:
- cause poor cleaning
- increase wrinkling
- create excessive lint
- wear out items faster
(because of pilling)
• Load by the amount of space items
take up, not by their weight.
• Mix large and small items in each load.
Load evenly to maintain washer balance.
An off-balance load can make the washer
vibrate during spin.
• Use a higher water level setting to reduce
wrinkling with permanent press clothes
and some synthetic knits. These items
should have more room to move in the
water than heavy items (towels, jeans).
For these suggested full-sized loads,
set the WATER LEVEL Selector to the
highest water level setting.
Heavy Work
3 jeans
3 workpants
2 workshirts
1 sweatshirt
1 sweatpants
Mixed Load
7 bath towe{s
2 sheets
8 hand towels
(1 king, 1 twin)
9 wash cloths
2 pillowcases
2 shirts
2 blouses
6 T-shirts
5 shorts
6 handkerchiefs


Table of Contents

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