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Options - Kenmore HE5T STEAM 4771 Use & Care Manual

Front-loading automatic washer


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Drain & Spin
Use this cycle to drain your washer or to drain and spin your
wash load. The spin speed is preset to high. If desired, you can
reduce the spin speed by selecting the speed you want from the
SPIN SPEED modifier.
NOTE: Loads of synthetics, delicate fabrics, handwashables,
woolens should be drained with no spin or low spin to avoid
fabric stress.
Clean Washer
Use the Clean Washer cycle once a month to keep the inside of
your washer fresh and clean. This cycle uses a higher water level
in combination
with liquid chlorine bleach and steam, to
thoroughly clean the inside of your washing machine. This cycle
should not be interrupted.
See "Cleaning Your Washer" in the
"Washer Care" section.
IMPORTANT: Do not place garments or other items in the washer
during the Clean Washer cycle. Use this cycle with an empty
wash drum.
Whitest Whites
This cycle is especially designed for cleaning loads of soiled
white fabrics with the addition of bleach. Hot washing
assure optimal bleach activity. An additional rinse
provides optimal rinse performance to avoid chlorine residues on
your laundry. This cycle combines fast-speed
tumbling, longer
wash time, and extra high speed spin to shorten drying time.
Heavy Duty
Use this cycle to wash loads of sturdy, colorfast fabrics and
heavily soiled garments. This cycle combines fast-speed
tumbling, longer wash time, and extra high speed spin to shorten
drying times. If the water temperature
is lower than needed for
this cycle, the heater will warm the water to the optimum
This cycle is specifically designed to clean and thoroughly rinse
children's clothing. The Skincare Rinse II with extra water
provides optimal rinse performance to minimize detergent
residue. This cycle combines fast-speed
tumbling and extra high
spin speeds to shorten drying time.
Bulky Bedding
Use this cycle to wash large items such as blankets and
comforters. This cycle starts with a soak to thoroughly saturate
your large load. This is followed by medium wash action and
extra low spin speeds to maintain load balance.
Use this cycle to wash loads of no-iron fabrics such as sport
shirts, blouses, casual business clothes, permanent press
blends, cottons and linens, and synthetic fabrics. This cycle
combines medium-speed
tumbling, high-speed
spin, and a load
cooling process to reduce wrinkling.
NOTE: For the best energy performance,
use the Normal/Casual
h)o/ ms
As with any new product, you will hear sounds that you are not
to. You may hear various sounds when the door is
locked or unlocked, and during the washing, rinsing, or spinning
process. Between changes in wash actions, there will be
momentary pauses. You will hear water spraying and splashing
during the wash and rinse cycles. These new sounds and pauses
are part of normal washer operation.
(See "Troubleshooting.")
You can customize your wash by adding options to your cycle
selections. You can add or change an option after starting a cycle
anytime before the selected option begins. Not all Options are
available with all cycles. Current selections will glow green. If an
option is unavailable with a selected cycle, the light will not
My Cycle
Autosoak 0
Rinse _
II _
Save 0
Delay Start
See the "Laundry Guide" section for an overview of possible
options for each Wash Cycle selection.
You can select more than one option for a cycle. Some
options cannot be added to some cycles. For example,
cannot be added to the Express Wash
If an option is unavailable with a selected cycle, there will be
3 short tones, and the light for that option will not glow when
My Cycle
My Cycle allows you to store a customized
wash cycle
for future use.
To Customize a Wash Cycle:
1. Select a cycle.
2. Select the desired OPTIONS.
3. Select the desired MODIFIERS.
4. To save the cycle, press and hold MY CYCLE (approximately
3 seconds) until a beep sounds.
5. Press START.
6. To reuse this cycle at another time, select MY CYCLE and
press START.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents