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Procurve switches.
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N o t e o n
Privil ege Levels
C a u t i o n
When a TACACS+ server authenticates an access request from a switch,
it includes a privilege level code for the switch to use in determining which
privilege level to grant to the terminal requesting access. The switch
interprets a privilege level code of "15" as authorization for the Manager
(read/write) privilege level access. Privilege level codes of 14 and lower
result in Operator (read-only) access. Thus, when configuring the
TACACS+ server response to a request that includes a username/pass-
word pair that should have Manager privileges, you must use a privilege
level of 15. For more on this topic, refer to the documentation you received
with your TACACS+ server application.
If you are a first-time user of the TACACS+ service, ProCurve recom-
mends that you configure only the minimum feature set required by the
TACACS+ application to provide service in your network environment.
After you have success with the minimum feature set, you may then want
to try additional features that the application offers.
Ensure that the switch has the correct local username and password for
Manager access. (If the switch cannot find any designated TACACS+
servers, the local manager and operator username/password pairs are
always used as the secondary access control method.)
You should ensure that the switch has a local Manager password. Other-
wise, if authentication through a TACACS+ server fails for any reason,
then unauthorized access will be available through the console port or
Using a terminal device connected to the switch's console port, configure
the switch for TACACS+ authentication only for Telnet/SSH login access
and Telnet/SSH enable access. At this stage, do not configure TACACS+
authentication for console access to the switch, as you may need to use
the console for access if the configuration for the Telnet/SSH method
needs debugging.
Ensure that the switch is configured to operate on your network and can
communicate with your first-choice TACACS+ server. (At a minimum,
this requires IP addressing and a successful ping test from the switch to
the server.)
On a remote terminal device, use Telnet/SSH to attempt to access the
switch. If the attempt fails, use the console access to check the TACACS+
configuration on the switch. If you make changes in the switch configu-
ration, check Telnet/SSH access again. If Telnet/SSH access still fails,
TACACS+ Authentication
Configuring TACACS+ on the Switch



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