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HP Q.11.XX Manual Page 269

Procurve switches.
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Configuring and Monitoring Port Security
Port Security Command Options and Operation
The message Inconsistent value appears if the new MAC address exceeds the
current Address Limit or specifies a device that is already on the list. If you
change a port from static to continuous learn mode, the port retains in memory
any authorized addresses it had while in static mode. If you subsequently
attempt to convert the port back to static mode with the same authorized
address(es), the Inconsistent value message appears because the port
already has the address(es) in its "Authorized" list.
If you are adding a device (MAC address) to a port on which the Authorized
Addresses list is already full (as controlled by the port's current Address Limit
setting), then you must increase the Address Limit in order to add the device,
even if you want to replace one device with another. Using the CLI, you can
simultaneously increase the limit and add the MAC address with a single
command. For example, suppose port A1 allows one authorized device and
already has a device listed:
Figure 9-6. Example of Port Security on Port A1 with an Address Limit of "1"
To add a second authorized device to port A1, execute a port-security command
for port A1 that raises the address limit to 2 and specifies the additional
device's MAC address. For example:
ProCurve(config)# port-security a1 mac-address 0c0090-
456456 address-limit 2
Removing a Device From the "Authorized" List for a Port Configured
for Learn-Mode Static. This command option removes unwanted devices
(MAC addresses) from the Authorized Addresses list. (An Authorized Address
list is available for each port for which Learn Mode is currently set to "Static".
See the "MAC Address" entry in the table on 9-8.)



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