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HP Q.11.XX Manual Page 96

Procurve switches.
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TACACS+ Authentication
Configuring TACACS+ on the Switch
The "10" server is now the "first-choice" TACACS+ authentication device.
Figure 4-7.
Example of the Switch After Assigning a Different "First-Choice" Server
To remove the device as a TACACS+ server, you would use this
ProCurve(config)# no tacacs-server host
Configuring an Encryption Key. Use an encryption key in the switch if the
switch will be requesting authentication from a TACACS+ server that also uses
an encryption key. (If the server expects a key, but the switch either does not
provide one, or provides an incorrect key, then the authentication attempt will
fail.) Use a global encryption key if the same key applies to all TACACS+
servers the switch may use for authentication attempts. Use a per-server
encryption key if different servers the switch may use will have different keys.
(For more details on encryption keys, see "Using the Encryption Key" on page
To configure
as a global encryption key:
ProCurve(config) tacacs-server key north01
To configure
as a per-server encryption key:
ProCurve(config)# tacacs-server host key
An encryption key can contain up to 100 characters, without spaces, and is
likely to be case-sensitive in most TACACS+ server applications.
To delete a global encryption key from the switch, use this command:
ProCurve(config)# no tacacs-server key



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