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HP Q.11.XX Manual: Conventions; Command Syntax Statements; Command Syntax Statements

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This guide uses the following conventions for command syntax and displayed

Command Syntax Statements

Syntax: aaa port-access authenticator < port-list >
[ control < authorized | auto | unauthorized >]
Vertical bars ( | ) separate alternative, mutually exclusive elements.
Square brackets ( [ ] ) indicate optional elements.
Braces ( < > ) enclose required elements.
Braces within square brackets ( [ < > ] ) indicate a required element
within an optional choice.
Boldface indicates use of a CLI command, part of a CLI command
syntax, or other displayed element in general text. For example:
"Use the copy tftp command to download the key from a TFTP server."
Italics indicate variables for which you must supply a value when
executing the command. For example, in this command syntax, < port-
list > indicates that you must provide one or more port numbers:
Syntax: aaa port-access authenticator < port-list >
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