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HP Q.11.XX Manual Page 40

Procurve switches.
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Configuring Username and Password Security
Front-Panel Security
Figure 2-9. Example of Re-Enabling the Clear Button's Default Operation
Changing the Operation of the Reset+Clear Combination
In their default configuration, using the Reset+Clear buttons in the combina-
tion described under "Restoring the Factory Default Configuration" on page
2-9 replaces the switch's current startup-config file with the factory-default
startup-config file, then reboots the switch, and removes local password
protection. This means that anyone who has physical access to the switch
could use this button combination to replace the switch's current configu-
ration with the factory-default configuration, and render the switch acces-
sible without the need to input a username or password. You can use the
factory-reset command to prevent the Reset+Clear combination from being
used for this purpose.
Syntax: [no] front-panel-security factory-reset
Disables or re-enables the following functions associated with
using the Reset+Clear buttons in the combination described
under "Restoring the Factory Default Configuration" on page 2-9:
• Replacing the current startup-config file with the factory-
default startup-config file
• Clearing any local usernames and passwords configured on
the switch
(Default: Both functions enabled.)
Notes: The Reset+Clear button combination always reboots
the switch, regardless of whether the "no" form of the
command has been used to disable the above two functions.
Also, if you disable factory-reset, you cannot disable the
password-recovery option, and the reverse.
Shows password-clear disabled.
Enables password-clear, with reset-on-
clear disabled by the "no" statement at
the beginning of the command.
Shows password-clear enabled, with
reset-on-clear disabled.



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