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HP Q.11.XX Manual Page 285

Procurve switches.
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The Intrusion Alert
column shows "Yes"
for any port on which
a security violation
has been detected.
MAC Address of
Intruding Device
on Port A3
Figure 9-14. Example of Port Status Screen with Intrusion Alert on Port A3
Intrusion log
Figure 9-15. Example of the Intrusion Log Display
The above example shows two intrusions for port A3 and one intrusion
for port A1. In this case, only the most recent intrusion at port A3 has not
been acknowledged (reset). This is indicated by the following:
Because the Port Status screen (figure 9-14 on page 9-31) does
not indicate an intrusion for port A1, the alert flag for the intru-
sion on port A1 has already been reset.
Since the switch can show only one uncleared intrusion per port,
the older intrusion for port A3 in this example has also been
previously reset.
Configuring and Monitoring Port Security
Reading Intrusion Alerts and Resetting Alert Flags
) to display the Intrusion Log.
System Time of Intrusion on Port A3
Indicates this intrusion on port A3
occurred prior to a reset (reboot) at
the indicated time and date.



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