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Before Installation - Bosch 660 EF User Manual

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Before Installation

Danger: Checkup!
Check the fixing brackets and vent pipe
yearly for damage or wear. Replace if
Danger: Check the gas!
- Check that the rating plate indicates
the correct type of gas.
- Check that the gas supply line is sized
for 140,000 BTU for 660 EF, 660 EFO.)
Fig. 3
Ex. For LP Gas 660 EFO
Warning: Check the power!
The power supply required is 120VAC,
at 60Hz. May result in fire or electric
Warning: Use Extreme Caution if Us-
ing With a Solar Pre-Heater!
Using this unit with a solar pre-heater
can lead to unpredictable output tem-
peratures and possibly scalding. If abso-
lutely necessary, use mixing valves to
ensure output temperatures do not get
to scalding levels.
Caution: Do Not Use Equipment for
Purposes Other Than Those Specified!
Do not use for other than increasing the
temperature of the water supply, as un-
expected accidents may occur as a re-
6 720 644 063
Caution: Check Water Supply Quality!
If the water supply is in excess of 6
grains per gallon (100 mg/L) of hard-
ness, acidic or otherwise impure, treat
the water with approved methods in or-
der to ensure full warranty coverage.
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