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Bosch 660 EF User Manual page 6

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Important Safety Information
Contact Bosch before using with a so-
lar pre-heater.
California Proposition 65 lists chemical-
substances known to the state to cause
cancer, birth defects, death, serious ill-
ness or other reproductive harm. This
product may contain such substances,
be their origin from fuel combustion
(gas, oil) or components of the product
The gas conversion kit shall be installed
by a qualified service agency in accord-
ance with the manufacturer's instruc-
tions and all applicable codes and
requirements of the authority having ju-
risdiction. The information in the instruc-
tions must be followed to minimize the
risk of fire or explosion or to prevent
property damage, personal injury, or
death. The qualified service agency is
responsible for the proper installation of
this kit. The installation is not proper
and complete until the operation of the
converted appliance is checked as
specified in the manufacturer's instruc-
tions supplied with the kit.
Be sure to electrically ground the unit.
Keep power cord free of dust.
Do not use the water heater for other
than hot water supply, shower and bath.
Do not use a broken or modified power
cord. Do not bind, bend or stretch pow-
er cords. Do not scratch, modify, or
subject them to impact or force.
To prevent burns or scalding, turn off
the power button or power supply and
wait until the equipment cools before
performing maintenance.
Do not turn off the water heater while
someone is bathing.
Do not cover the water heater and the
exhaust vent terminal, store trash or de-
bris near it, or in any way block the flow
of fresh air to the unit.
Do not install in locations where exces-
sive dust or debris will be in the air.
Do not touch the exhaust vent (pipe, ter-
minal) during or immediately after oper-
ation of the water heater.
Do not drink water that has been inside
the unit for an extended period of time.
Do not drink the first use of hot water
from the unit in the morning.
Clean the filter on the water inlet as fre-
quently as required by the quality of
your local water.
Keep the area around the unit clean. If
boxes, weeds, cobwebs, cockroaches
etc. are in the vicinity of the unit,
damage or fire can result.
Do not install the equipment where the
exhaust will blow on walls or windows.
Treat hard, acidic or otherwise impure
supply water with approved methods to
ensure full warranty coverage.
Problems resulting from scale formation
are not covered by the warranty.
Check ignition during use and extinc-
tion after use.
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