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Follow- Up Service; Requesting Service; Gas Conversion - Bosch 660 EF User Manual

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Follow- up Service


Requesting Service

First follow the instructions in the troubleshooting sec-
tion. If the error is not corrected, contact Bosch Ther-
motechnology Corp. at 1-866-330-2730.
We will need to know:
• The Model (check the rating plate)
• Date of purchase (see the warranty)
• Details of problem...(flashing error codes,
etc., in much detail as possible)
• Your name, address, and telephone number
• Desired date of visit.
A request for service may be rejected if
the water heater is installed in a location
where working on the unit may be danger-
ous. Contact a plumber.

Gas conversion

If you move to a region that uses a diferent type of gas
or if the local gas supply is converted, replacement of
the gas manifold and adjustment of the appliance will be
necessary. This work must be performed by either
Bosch or a qualified service agency and will be charged
foreven during the warranty period. The qualified
installer will also be responsible for purchasing the gas
conversion kit directly from the manufacturer. For more
information, contact Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. at
The gas conversion kit shall be installed
by a qualified service agency
cordance with the manufacturer's in-
structions and all applicable codes and
requirements of the authority having ju-
risdiction. The information in the instruc-
tions must be followed to minimize the
risk of fire or explosion or to prevent
property damage, personal injury, or
death. The qualified service agency is
responsible for the proper installation of
this kit. The installation is not proper
and complete until the operation of the
converted appliance is checked as
specified in the manufacturer's instruc-
tions supplied with the kit.
A qualified service agency is any individual, firm, corpo-
ration, or company which either in person or through a
representative is engaged in and is responsible for the
connection, utilization, repair or servicing of gas utiliza-
tion equipment or accessories; who is experienced in
such work, familiar with all precautions required, and has
compiled with all of the requirements of the authority
having jurisdiction.
6 720 644 063
Table 16
The following parts are supplied in the conversion kit.
These items will replace the existing parts that are cur-
rently installed in the unit. Make sure that all parts are
replaced and properly installed by a qualified service
• Manifold plate
• O-ring
• Conversion Kit Label.
After the necessary parts have been replaced on the
unit, the remote controller is then used to adjust the set-
tings on the water heater for use with the proper gas
type. The gas pressure values at both the gas supply
inlet fitting and at the manifold inlet on the unit are veri-
fied by the installer. Proper adjustments will be made to
ensure safe and eficient operation. Once this is com-
in ac-
pleted, a final gas leak check will be performed to con-
firm that all parts have been securely installed.
Before the gas conversion is performed,
verify the proper gas conversion kit with
your water heater model on the table
provided below.
660 EF/
660 EFO
660 EF/
660 EFO
A remote controller and a digital gas ma-
nometer are required to complete the
installation. Do not proceed if this equip-
ment is not immediately available.
If you notice the smell of gas at any time
after the installation has been complet-
ed, turn the water heater off and contact
your gas supplier immediately.
Follow- up Service
Propane to
Natural Gas
Natural Gas to



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