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Maintenance And Service; Regular Maintenance - Bosch 660 EF User Manual

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Maintenance and service

Periodically check the following to ensure
proper operation of the water heater.
• The venting system must be examined periodically by
a qualified service technician to check for any leaks
or corrosion.
• The burner flame must be checked periodically for a
proper blue color and consistency.
• If the flame does not appear normal, the burner may
need to be cleaned.
• If the burner needs to be cleaned, it must be per-
formed by a qualified service technician.
• Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventila-
tion air.
• The pressure relief valve must be operated once a
year to ensure that it is functioning properly and there
is no obstruction. Turn the power off to the unit
before opening the relief valve, and make sure that
water draining out of the valve will not cause any
• If the relief valve discharges periodically, it may be
due to thermal expansion in a closed water system.
Contact the water supplier or a local plumbing
inspector on how to correct this situation. Do not
plug the relief valve.
There is a scald potential if the output
temperature is set too high.
Should overheating occur, or the gas
supply fail to shut off, turn off the manual
gas control valve to the appliance.
Do not use this appliance if any part has
been under water. Immediately call a
qualified service technician to inspect
the appliance and to replace any part of
the control system and any gas control
which has been under water.
Periodically check and clean the filter in-
side the cold water inlet of the unit.

Regular Maintenance

Periodic Inspection
To prevent burns or scalding, turn off the
power button or power supply and wait
until the equipment cools before per-
forming maintenance.
• For laundry, newspaper, timber, oil, spray cans and
other combustible materials near the appliance.
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• For abnormal sounds during operation.
• For abnormalities in external appearance, discolora-
tion or flaws.
• For proper operation of pressure relief valve.
• For water leaks from the equipment and piping.
• For dust and soot in the exhaust vent or exhaust vent
• For dust or debris in the air inlet.
Periodic Maintenance
Wipe the outside surface with a wet cloth, then dry the
surface. Use a neutral detergent to clean any stains.
Remote Controller
Wipe the surface with a wet cloth.
• Do not use benzene, oil or fatty detergents to clean
the remote controller; deformation may occur.
• The remote controller is water resistant but not water
proof. Keep it as dry as possible.
Water Drain Valve (with Water Filter)
If the water drain valve (with water filter) is covered with
debris, the hot water may not run smoothly, or the unit
may put out cold water. Check and clean the filter as
explained below.
To avoid burns, wait until the equipment
cools down before draining the water.
The appliance will remain hot after it is
turned off.
1. Close the water supply valve.
2. Open all hot water fixtures.
3. With a bucket ready, remove the inlet and outlet drain
plugs (about 0.2 gallons (0.95L ) will drain out).
4. Take the water drain valve (with water filter) out of the
inlet. (See Fig. 41).
Maintenance and service



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