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Remote Controller Installation Guide - Bosch 660 EF User Manual

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Electrical Wiring
• Be sure to hand tighten when screwing to the termi-
nal block. Power tools may cause damage to the ter-
minal block.
Remote controller cord
• For extensions, a 26' (7.8m) cord can be purchased
(Part # BRC26CORD) or use 18AWG wire.
• Install according to the National Electrical Code and
all applicable local codes.
1. Leave enough slack so that the remote controller
cord will not be damaged if the unit is removed from the
2. Remove the front cover of the heater (4 screws).
3. Pass the remote controller cord through the wiring
throughway and into the unit.
4. Connect the Y terminals at the end of the remote con-
troller cord to the terminal block.
5. Secure the remote controller cord with a clamp.
6. Insert the front cover.
Fig. 29
Remote Controller Installation
For Installers:
Read this installation guide carefully
before carrying out installation.
• Do not connect power to the water heater before the
remote controller has been properly installed.
• Recommended installation location of the remote
controller is in a bathroom.
Included Parts List
Part Name
Remote Controller
Wall Packing
Phillips Roundhead Wood Screw
Wall Anchor
Table 8
Fig. 30
Note: Do not disassemble the remote controller.
Notes on the Installation Location
• The remote should be installed in an easily accessi-
ble location.
• Avoid installing in a place where water or steam can
come into contact with the controller.
• Avoid locations where special chemical agents (e.g.,
benzene, fatty and oily detergents) are used.
• Avoid outdoor installation, or installation in an indoor
location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.
Connection of Remote Controller Cord
• White Connector To Remote Controller.
• Y-shaped Terminals (two- core) To Water Heater.
• Confirm the connection with the labels at both ends
of the remote controller cord.
• A 26' (7.8m)cord can be purchased separately (Part
• The remote controller cord can be extended up to
300' (90m). by splicing the cord and using 18 gauge
wire to extend the cord to the appropriate length.
1. Apply Wall Packing to the rear side of the remote
2. Connect the remote controller wires to the separate
remote controller cord.
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