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Bosch 660 EF User Manual page 31

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Fig. 31
3. Remove the cover of the remote control, mark the
location of the screw holes, and drill holes for the wall
4. Insert the wall anchors, screw the remote control to
the wall and replace the cover.
Fig. 32
Installing the Remote Controller Outdoor
Junction Box
1. Insert the remote controller wires through the wall
pipe and secure the wall pipe to the remote controller.
Locate the remote controller wall packing, slide it over
the pipe and wires, and apply it to the rear side of the
Fig. 33
2. Drill a Ø1"-1/4" (Ø32mm) hole in the wall where the
remote controller will be installed.
Note: Do not install the remote controller in a location
that is exposed to moisture, direct sunlight, or chemical
agents. These can damage the remote controller.
6 720 644 063
3. Insert the wall pipe containing the remote controller
wires through the hole.
4. Slide the junction box packing and the junction box
over the remote controller wires and wall pipe protrud-
ing from the outside wall.
Fig. 34
5. Slide the box nut over the remote controller wires and
screw it to the wall pipe.
Fig. 35
6. Connect the remote controller wires to the separate
remote controller cord inside the box. Wind the excess
remote controller wire on the provided hooks as illus-
trated below.
Electrical Wiring



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