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Bosch 660 EF User Manual page 39

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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4. When the water is flowing again, check for water
leaks from the equipment and piping before using.
If the heater or the piping is frozen, do not use the heater
or it may get damaged.
If the water heater will not be used for a long
period of time, drain the water
Drain the water as follows:
To avoid burns, wait until the equipment
cools down before draining the
water.The appliance will remain hot after
it is turned off.
Drain water into a bucket to prevent water damage.
1. Close the gas valve.
2. (Not using the remote controller)
Fully open one of the hot water fixtures.
(Using the remote controller)
Turn off ther power button.
3. (Not using the remote controller)
Turn off the power supply after 20 seconds or more
pass from operation of 2.
Do not touch with wet hands.
(Using the remote controller)
Turn off the power supply.
Do not touch with wet hands.
4. Close the water supply valve.
5. Fully open all hot water fixtures.
6. Turn the drain plug to the left to open, and then
7. Check that the water is completely drained, close all
the drain plugs and the hot water fixtures after 10 min-
utes or more pass from operation of 6.
Fig. 43
Turning the Unit Back On
1. Check that all drain plugs are inserted.
2. Check that all hot water fixtures are closed.
3. Follow the procedure on p. 35 "Initial operation",
steps 1 through 4.
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Maintenance and service



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