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Bosch TRONIC 6000C WH17 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

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Tankless electric whole house water heaters
Models: WH17 / WH27
[en] Installation Manual and Operating Instructions



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch TRONIC 6000C WH17

  • Page 1 Tankless electric whole house water heaters TRONIC 6000C Models: WH17 / WH27 [en] Installation Manual and Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 | Table of contents Table of contents Explanation of symbols and safety instructions 1 Explanation of symbols and safety instructions ..2 Key to symbols 1.1 Key to symbols ......2 1.2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS .
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    The heater is not designed to accept inlet water temperatures above 86° F. The water heater is not designed for preheated water or recirculation applications. Contact Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. before specifying or installing the appliance in any other application.
  • Page 4: General Information

    4 | General information General information Disclaimer 2.1.1 Approval number Commonwealth of Massachusetts In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a licensed plumber and electrician must perform the installation. Technical identification code Table 2 [EI] Electronic Instantaneous [17/27] Maximum output (kW) [E/M] Electronic / mechanical temperature control Wall hung Indoor...
  • Page 5: Components Diagram

    General information | 5 Components Diagram Fig. 1 [A] Heating module [B] Heating element assembly [C] Heating module PCB [D] Double pole thermal cut-off (WH27). Single pole thermal cut-off (WH17). [E] 6 way terminal block (WH27). 4 way terminal block (WH17). [F] Temperature sensor [G] Terminal block (CANADA ONLY) [H] Flow transducer...
  • Page 6: Dimensions

    6 | General information Dimensions Fig. 2 [1] Outlet ¾ " NPT (hot water) Dimensions [2] Inlet ¾ " NPT (cold water) (inches) WH17 / WH27 A (Width) 15 ¼ " B (Height) 12 ½ " C (Depth) 4 ½ " "...
  • Page 7: Wiring Diagram

    General information | 7 Wiring diagram DANGER: Risk of electric shock! ▶ Always switch off the electricity supply to the unit before any intervention in the heater. Fig. 3 Internal wiring schematic for single phase WH17 unit. Tronic 6000C 6 720 646 951 (2015/04)
  • Page 8: Function

    8 | General information Fig. 4 Internal wiring schematic for single phase WH27 unit. Function • Each heater module is protected by an electro-mechanical thermal cut-out. This cut-out will only trip in exceptional How the water heater works: circumstances. • The Tronic 6000C heats water continuously as it flows Contact Technical Support 800-798-8161 for further through the 2 heater modules.
  • Page 9: Technical Specifications

    Regulations | 9 Technical specifications Technical characteristics Units WH17 WH27 Voltage supply 2 X 240VAC (Canada 240VAC) 3 X 240VAC (Canada 240VAC) Amperage 2 X 40A (Canada 1 x 80A) 3 X 40A (Canada 1 x 120A) Maximum output 17.25kW 26.85kW Temperature control range 95 °F to 131 °F...
  • Page 10: Installation

    CIRCUIT BREAKERS ARE OFF BEFORE by a qualified person in accordance with PERFORMING ANY WORK TO THE these instructions. HEATER. ▶ Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. is not responsible for improperly installed appliances. WARNING: ▶ Indoor installation only, where it will NOT be exposed to freezing.
  • Page 11: 2Recommended Minimum Clearances For Servicing

    Installation | 11 4.2.2 Recommended minimum clearances for servicing ▶ Drill the holes and secure the heater using the four wood screws supplied. Should it be necessary to service the Tronic 6000C, observe the following clearances. These are not required clearances, but would facilitate any service work.
  • Page 12: 1Water Quality

    If water quality exceeds one or more of the values specified • Strip back the insulation on the power wires about ½ inch. below, Bosch recommends consulting a local water Connect the live wires to the terminals marked “L1” and treatment professional for water softening/conditioning “L2.”...
  • Page 13 Installation | 13 The WH17 requires two independent 240V AC circuits protected by two separate and independent double pole breakers (as shown) rated at 40A each. Fig. 7 WH17 terminal block connection (U.S.A. only) The WH27 requires three independent 240V AC circuits protected by three separate and independent double pole breakers (as shown) rated at 40A each.
  • Page 14 14 | Installation Canada Wiring - auxiliary terminal block and connections ▶ Connect the red wires from the left hand terminal of the new block to the L1 terminals in the unit. (There are two red Fitting the auxiliary terminal block (see diagram below). wires required in the WH17 and three in the WH27).
  • Page 15: Starting Up

    Installation | 15 Starting up ▶ For a licensed electrician, the unit has capability of displaying the flow rate on the front cover display. To do 4.6.1 Checking for leaks and purging air this, shut the circuit breakers off and remove the cover. ▶...
  • Page 16: Operation Instructions

    16 | Operation instructions For example, calculations for desired outlet temperature of Operation instructions 125F and supply voltage of 240VAC. Please look at Table 5 for derates of various supply voltages: Before using the water heater • For the WH17 unit, using the inlet valve, ensure the flow rate does not exceed 1.7 gallons/minute.
  • Page 17: Maintenance

    Maintenance | 17 Maintenance Draining the heater Due to the shape of the heat exchangers and connecting pipe, it is extremely difficult to get all of the water out of the heater. Follow the procedure below to best minimize the chance of freeze damage: ▶...
  • Page 18 18 | Maintenance Using an ohm meter to check for premature element failure On WH17 model, there is no middle element Fig. 13 Heating elements Meter probes Ohm Readings Outer to Outer 10.5 ± 0.6 Ohms Middle to Middle 11.7 ± 0.8 Ohms Inner to Inner 15.1 ±...
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    If the flow transducer is not spinning, remove and flush flow transducer, noting the Do's and Dont's in  section 6 Maintenance. See the technical support section of for more detailed instruction on removing the flow transducer. No electricity at the heater or one Have a licensed electrician verify proper wiring and adequate voltage on the terminal block inside the water heater.
  • Page 20 20 | Troubleshooting Cold water only – Neon light off Premature element failure Have a licensed electrician Shut off power to the unit and remove cover. Use an ohm meter to verify correct resistance on each element  in Section 6 Maintenance. If readings are different than listed specifications on ...
  • Page 21 Troubleshooting | 21 Water Temperature too Hot Temperature dial set too high Turn the temperature knob located on the front of the water heater counterclockwise for cooler temperatures. There are restrictions in the Obstructions in the water path can restrict the flow of water through the heater causing plumbing overheating.
  • Page 22: Spare Parts

    22 | Spare Parts Spare Parts Fig. 14 6 720 646 951 (2015/04) Tronic 6000C...
  • Page 23: Table

    8-738-701-729-0 Outlet 8-738-701-729-0 Table 16 For further information ask your local dealer. FOR SERVICE AND INSTALLATION QUESTIONS CALL: Tel: 800-798-8161 Fax: 603-965-7581 Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. 50 Wentworth Avenue Londonderry, NH 03053 Phone 800-798-8161 Fax 603-965-7581

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